Taking Advantage

May I just say how much I really, really, REALLY dislike when kids assume that stuff is "theirs" for the taking.  Just opened my camera to take out and recharge the batteries only to discover a pair of - ALKALINE!  Drat!  Looked in the charger:  no batteries!  Looked in the case:  only spare alkaline batteries!
Drat, drat, drat.  She may have been sneaking them for use in her GP2X or just sticking them in her camera or various other appliances... and now I have to try (and likely fail) to track down all my nice NiCads, including the Nikon ones Mary bought me that I've had forever.  Longer than the stupid Nikon camera they came with.
Can't even strangle her - she went out swimming with friends.
Double drat:  she Googled Elisheva's graduation and found my blog.
Never thought about that happening.  What do other blogging parents do???
(maybe that's why they use pseudonyms for themselves and their kids?  doh!)


  1. I'm at least 7 years away from my kid finding my blog... I might have to password protect when we get to that point!


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