Jfer’s Field of Dreams

If I grow it, corn will come…

That’s right:  now that the warm weather is here, SFG Bed #1 has become my CORNFIELD.  Apparently, it’s better to grow corn in blocks rather than rows (improves cross-pollination, which is essential for the kernels to develop).  So this is basically four rows of four.

Here’s one baby stalk:

rainycompost 008

In a misguided and amateurish effort to grow a Three Sisters Bed (corn, squash, beans), I have substituted Sugar Baby Watermelon and Minnesota Midget canteloupe, along with various cucumbers, for the traditional squash.  Squashes take up way more space; my hope is that these viny things will grow around the base of the corn while beans of various kinds grow up the stalks.

 SFG #1 diagonal Sugar Baby Watermelon

Ah, what vivid, green garden fantasies romp through my mind late at night.

Anyway, I gave the corn a couple weeks’ head start and last weekend planted out the beans.  I stuck the cuke and melon seedlings in at the same time as the corn seeds because they were so runty and they would have died otherwise.  They still haven’t grown much, but they haven’t died.

In Jfer’s Field of Dreams, that’s what counts.  What doesn’t kill you makes you greener.


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