Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Utterly shameless!

Wow, I have no shame.  The following contains promo plugs for various things and I’m doing it to win a contest, so bear with me.

This great balcony gardening blog (which I genuinely do read all the time for container inspirations, even though I do technically have a bit of a yard to garden in…) is offering a free UPS-A-DAISY planter insert to anyone who plugs the product online.

What a great, sneaky way to create buzz!  So here it is, and here’s how it works:


Pretty simple concept.

I haven’t tried this insert before and, at $4.99 to $12.99 each, it kind of doesn’t tie in with my “frugal” (ie penniless) gardening theme unless unless it worked fantastically well.  If it did, it might save you that much in planter soil year after year, without the hassle of packing peanuts or whatever it is that people usually use. 

Another reason I’m interested is that you could probably also use this in a hole-less container (or plug the holes in a container you like) to make it into a self-watering (aka sub-irrigated) container.  You’d need to thread some type of wick through the drain hole(s) in the Ups-a-Daisy to dangle into the water reservoir beneath… and maybe drill an overflow hole into the container itself.  But it just might work… though for $12.99, maybe not save you much.

So anyway, dear reader(s), if you have read this far, wish me luck in my shameless quest!

One more plug – here:


But do check out her blog.  I don’t get anything extra for plugging it, but it’s fun to read with lots of tips, plant combinations and useful information for anyone who loves digging up the dirt!