Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Even EASIER cheaper than ever Sub-I planter

(self-watering, that is!)

Let’s just see if it works.

garden 009


~ Large tub (free by the side of the road yesterday)

~ Recycle bin (old model; free from the city)

~ 12 small square pots (free at curb; shown upside-down here but in the end I used them right-side up)

~ Braided garden twine for wick (already had it in the garden)

~ Strips of old t-shirt fabric (not shown) for additional wick-power

~ Strip of capillary matting from Burpee self-watering seed starter for extra wick-power

~ Potting soil ($6 at Fortino’s)

Basically, you thread the wick through the holes in the recycle bin, stand the recycle bin on top of the pots and let ‘er rip.

 garden 010 garden 012 garden 015 garden 017

After I took these pictures, I decided the wick maybe wasn’t wicky enough, so I added a couple of strips of cotton t-shirt fabric in the hope that it will wick more wickily.

I’ve planted it up with a Sugar Baby watermelon seedling (pretty stunted; I hope it takes off now that it’s in a big planter) along with an Ildi tomato.  Grow, babies, grow!  Ironically, now that summer’s here, there’s not much summer left…

garden 024

Happy now because I’ve wanted to do something growy in these two leftover recycle bins for a while… and now I have!  (well, one of them)