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New Garden Acquisitions

In a fit of whiny impulsiveness today, added a bunch of new garden friends, including:

~ Ornamental Purple Peppers (Explosive Ember?)
~ "Bush Pickle" Cucumbers - doesn't that sound like t… Read more

Week in Suppers

Sunday:  Stir-fried basmati rice, sweepo soup.  Mommy & Abigail. Monday:  Ted was off work and BBQ'd Hamburgers, hot dogs / sausage-thingies, baked beans, french fries.  Yum!  Mommy came by… Read more

Owel spotting

Seen on Craigslist. Read more

Never mind!

Never mind - it was the bulb after all.  Stupid broken replacement bulb.  And 2 burnt-out CFLs... coincidence?  But I guess we haven't changed them in a couple of years, so I cannot complain! B… Read more


2 days of rain, Elisheva's room is leaking, and now the bathroom light won't go on.  These things must be connected, since the bathroom is just on the other side of Elisheva's room wall… Read more

A stabbing

There was a stabbing in the park across the street the other night (last night?); I passed all the cop cars etc on my way out and saw a news truck on the way back. A neighbour phoned and left a mess… Read more

Disorganized Shavuos menu

It’s tomorrow night, and this is all I’ve come up with so far… eek. SadShavuos Menu 2009ThursdayFridayShabbosSundayLunchDairy – Just usSoup – squash?BlintzesTed’s SalmonDairy DessertsLunch – MommyNe… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Eats General Mills for Breakfast!

So we bought & ate a box of Reese Puffs that came with a General Mills "everyday celebrations" (ha!) incentive code that you're supposed to redeem at their website for a kids' b… Read more

Look what I managed to not kill yet!

Yes, it’s the mango from two weeks ago… growing happily, and right now outdoors in the rain! Read more

Things that ROT!

So many of my posts focus on things that are growing… that I haven’t spent much time updating you on what’s ROTTING in our yard!Yup, it’s our multifaceted home composting operation, and it seems to b… Read more

Are you a good witch or a BAD witch???

Neither!  I’m with my friend, the Tin Man, here, and we’re off to see the wizard! (the witch’s face is coloured on top of shiny tape so theoretically, it’s removable) Read more

Easy, cheap garden marker how-to

Yes, they’re window-blind slats, which you can find everywhere in the garbage, except last year when I was actively looking and never found any.Anyway, I think they look quite spiffy!  Sharp as anyth… Read more


While I’m on a “nostalgic for Naomi’s infancy” kick, we’re officially weaning.  In the sense that I told her she can’t have nummies anymore when she wakes up.  It’s only for sleep-time now.  Should w… Read more

Thinning the Robeez stash!

Down from however-many I couldn’t even count the number of pairs  (a few months ago)…Heartbreaking, to imagine never needing these again.  :-oI am Freecycling these 4, which were among my favourites.… Read more

Centaurea Montana prepares to flower

I love the build-up to flowers!!!  More even than the flowers themselves??? Read more

The WW of SI, Part 2

(aka The Wonderful World of Sub-Irrigation)So I made a second “WalMart Tub” sub-irrigated planter – waaaah-la!This one is more elegant inside, trust me (I was in a hurry to set it up before tonight’s… Read more

No dipping – but *why* not?

Gavriel Zev is eating a baked potato and I bought strawberry milk at the grocery store as a treat for them.  Anyway, when I came back up from doing laundry, he was very nicely, very carefully dipping… Read more

More on Atheism...blah, blah, blah...

Yes, I'm still reeling, or rather, thinking, about this post from last week. Sorry to keep going on about this if you're here for garden stuff. Click here if that’s all you’re interested in!�… Read more

Hmm…. and now it’s a week of rain ahead…

(further to Friday’s post)What I don’t understand, have NEVER understood, is how they can put the little “rain” symbol next to the day if there is less than a 50% chance of rain???I mean, I don’t hav… Read more

Well, this is reassuring...

Looking at our rather Seussian-looking Turkish Hazel tree that the city planted for us three (four?) springs ago now (outlined for emphasis!), I just keep thinking, "it keeps growing up and up … Read more

No rain, blah…

See Sunday’s post for an exciting weather-related update! Read more

From certain angles…

If you squint… The front yard doesn’t look terrible.  :-)For comparison, here’s where it was about the same time last year:Just for fun, here’s Naomi with the “baby trees” that were brand-new last ye… Read more

Suppers this week!

Monday:  (holiday, but Ted was working; Glen Cedar Park with Mommy)Mommy bought stuff for deli sandwiches and we all went over there.  Ted took the Littles to fireworks later at Glen Cedar Park.Tuesd… Read more

The wonderful world of sub-irrigation!

I caved and decided to do an experiment in self-watering (ie sub-irrigated) veggies.  I was inspired by this site, which has some decent info on urban gardening, though it’s a little harsh on the ter… Read more

hanging veggies in reusable fabric grocery bags


Wrote this earlier to post in a forum where I'd asked about growing veggies in grocery bags. Thought I'd copy/paste it here as well:

Well, the experiment is underway!

I now hav… Read more

Why it's important to read your own blog

Just noticed this post and realized I still have a mango pit (I hope) in the basket of the folded-up in-the-car carriage.  :-o Thursday postscript:  as of last night, the seed has been removed from it… Read more

My total failure as a homeschool mama

YM has some very tight deadlines to finish his courses by mid-June, and several (okay, many) things are due this week.  Fair enough.  Tonight, he also had a job interview for a day camp he applied… Read more

Naomi at the playground; the sky so blue

Read more

Ode to a tansy

I bought this thing pretty much by accident… in all my reading about attracting beneficial insects two years ago, everything I read recommended tansy and yarrow, tansy and yarrow.  Yarrow was easy en… Read more

An Atheist???

Someone I thought I knew pretty well shocked me yesterday, utterly shocked me, by casually mentioning that she's an atheist.  I am still blown away. How could you have the arrogance to say - based… Read more

Friday: Garden highs and lows

Thought I’d get back to doing this, since I enjoyed last summer having to narrow all my garden experiences down to just one high and one low… give or take a couple!Garden high:Definitely Black Scallo… Read more

Can you spot 43 coleus in these pictures???

Love that “big daddy” emerald cedar!They’re in there… keep looking! Read more

Gah - caffeine

Just figured out why I'm still wide awake at 2 a.m.... coincidentally the same day as the Iced Tea Season was officially inaugurated in our home.  :-o Bah. Waah!  Must wake up early and go swap pla… Read more


I can't believe it! Last night they (it? he? gotta be a he...) got one tomato and one pepper (MiniMix bell pepper) seedling.  The ones that were planted in pairs seem to be okay; maybe the pairs c… Read more


I just do not have fun.  I realize it's not about having fun... it's not even about being happy, as Dennis Prager would probably point out. But still. Yelling at the boy to get out the door b… Read more

Naomi’s Questions for Sara

Sara, the leader of one of the programs I take the kids to was in a bike accident last week.  Naomi’s been very concerned about her, and coincidentally we bumped into her (gently, I promise!) at Duff… Read more

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