Suppers this week!

chicken pie supper

Monday:  (holiday, but Ted was working; Glen Cedar Park with Mommy)

  • Mommy bought stuff for deli sandwiches and we all went over there.  Ted took the Littles to fireworks later at Glen Cedar Park.

Tuesday:  (Laughlin Park with another mama in the a.m. – locked out of the car, so no aerobics)

  • Shabbos-leftover chicken pie, seen above

Wednesday – trek to High Park with Abigail, swimming, everybody’s classes, etc

  • Chicken baked over rice (yes, chicken twice in a row.

Thursday (that’s today!): (dance class, Home Depot, my aerobics class)

  • Scalloped potatoes with a layer of salmon and cottage cheese in the middle and tinned cream-of-mushroom drenched over the whole thing.  Pretty tasty, but no cheesy crunch to it.
  • Creamy carrot / ginger / coconut-milk soup.
  • Tinned green beans.

Tomorrow night is another Shabbos potluck at the Silvers.  Mmmm…

I am making my oven-baked rice-dish thing that is super-easy and seems to get eaten fairly quickly.


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