A stabbing

There was a stabbing in the park across the street the other night (last night?); I passed all the cop cars etc on my way out and saw a news truck on the way back.
A neighbour phoned and left a message that "we have to do something."  Which left me wondering, what?  What is there to do???
Here's what I emailed her back tonight.  Like all my Deep Thots these days, not very satisfying, but it's a start.
Honestly, I don't feel concerned about that specifically... I try to make sure I am in the right place at the right time (guess I'll do all my drug deals away from that playground from now on).
I don't want to dismiss your legitimate fears.  There are always terrible things that could happen.  Most of the ones I can imagine involve my children (and refusing to nap is the least of it!).
It's too easy and too trite to say Hashem's in charge... I figure I'll meet him halfway and exercise reasonable precautions.
Bad things sometimes happen to good people; I know this and have no clue why.
I'm a good person; therefore, bad things will sometimes happen to me.
It seems to be the way things work.
We live with this tension all the time:  saying chas v'shalom it should happen to us, and also saying baruch dayan ha'emes when it does.
Sometimes, Hashem gets to decide stuff, and we have no clue why.


  1. Seriously?!?!????? The park with the woodchip playground? Oy... Robyn and Coby must be freaked out by that...

    And you're right, what can we do?

  2. I think it was behind the school. NOT the woodchip park. So not right behind their house, b"h.


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