Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Easy, cheap garden marker how-to

Yes, they’re window-blind slats, which you can find everywhere in the garbage, except last year when I was actively looking and never found any.

witch 001Anyway, I think they look quite spiffy!  Sharp as anything, though.  The marker says light resistant, but I’m sure they will fade.  The blinds will probably last forever, though, and I love the big chunky size of them. 

As you can see, these are not all veg.  I have decided to label everything I have deliberately planted in the garden.  Whenever I go to gardens, I feel frustrated not knowing what things are. 

Hopefully these will be discreet enough as to not be garish while being slightly informative.  They’re for the backyard, anyway.  If it’s awful, I can just rip the whole thing out and nobody will be the wiser.

There are 24 tags here, but I actually need 32 just for the two main square foot beds.  Gardening books I’ve read say this is a good task for a chilly winter’s evening.  Sit down and cut a million mini-blinds and label them all to have ready for the spring.  (I have at least twenty slats left in the garage, so at 12 tags per slat, there will be more than enough, I hope!)

That just seemed too abstract for me, plus, that’s not when mini-blinds are put to the curb in this country.  I found them in the spring, so this is when I have them, and this is when I need the labels, so this is when I will make the labels, darnit.

Even if it is erev Shavuos.  Why don’t we say “making Shavuos” or even “making Sukkos” the same way you say “making Shabbos” or “making Pesach”?

Surely Shavuos is more work than just an ordinary Shabbos, even if it’s not as much effort as Pesach?  So if it’s not about the work involved, then what is it that “makes” the Yom Tov?