Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Never mind!

Never mind - it was the bulb after all.  Stupid broken replacement bulb.  And 2 burnt-out CFLs... coincidence?  But I guess we haven't changed them in a couple of years, so I cannot complain!
Back to baking Grama's famous Neapolitan Cake!
Dairy desserts:
~ Ted-made cherry cheesecake
~ Gulab jamun - they all fell apart, but still, delicious
~ Beck Posluns' Neapolitan Cake
Boy, do I feel sorry about the fact that our only guests this Yom Tov are coming for Friday night - our only meat meal, when none of these dairy desserts can be consumed.  Maybe we can make kiddush, wash, have dessert, wait a while, then have the meat meal... :-)))
Elisheva blessedly agreed to bathe the littles.  Mmm... peace and quiet, out here at least, while all the screaming is confined to the (now-dimly-lit by a 40w bulb) bathroom.