Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Well, this is reassuring...

treeshape Looking at our rather Seussian-looking Turkish Hazel tree that the city planted for us three (four?) springs ago now (outlined for emphasis!), I just keep thinking, "it keeps growing up and up and UP" with no width in sight.
So I Googled and found this on a website:

"A splendid and truly beautiful tree from south east Europe and west Asia.

A large and imposing tree, rather columnar when young before broadening to a symmetrical pyramid on maturity. Notable for its roughly textured, corky bark, it produces long, yellow catkins in early spring and clusters of fringed nuts in autumn. Turkish Hazel is a superb choice for parkland and avenue planting, and it will tolerate paved areas."

"Rather columnar when young" is what reassured me.  Columnar is another word for Seussian-slash-absurd, right???

Mommy & I are maybe planning a trip out to Humber Nurseries for Tuesday.  I have a coupon left from Canada Blooms, plus they have butterflies for the kids to see.  Well, I have to phone and make sure they have butterflies.

I want to buy something VINEY that will cover the backyard fence and make the yard look slightly less heinous.  That's a lot to ask from a plant, isn't it?  I'm thinking hardy kiwi.