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The WW of SI, Part 2

(aka The Wonderful World of Sub-Irrigation)

So I made a second “WalMart Tub” sub-irrigated planter – waaaah-la!

clovers 017 clovers 018

This one is more elegant inside, trust me (I was in a hurry to set it up before tonight’s rain so didn’t take pics before filling it.

Inside:  one “Early Tiny” cherry tomato (that’s not its name, but it had no name; I got the seeds last year in an envelope marked “Cherry Tomato Trio” and saved seed from the one I grew out – most delicious, and yes, it was my earliest tomato!), plus one Sweet Chocolate Sweet Pepper purchased at Gufferin Drove Marmers’ Farket 2 weeks ago.

Okay, I know already… a tomato PLUS a pepper is too much to ask from one planter.  But these are big planters, sub-irrigated (or self-watering, if you like the image of a thirsty planter reaching for a hose), full of delicious soil, worm castings, blood & bone meal, and whatnot.  And they’re only cherry tomatoes.  Let’s just see what happens.

(I have laid aside my Creutzfeldt-Jakob – slash – Mad Cow – slash – bovine spongiform encephelopathy related fears for the time being… that was why I avoided bone meal up until now but a doctor friend seemed to think it was silly).

p.s.  That tall thing in behind the planters is a tall, TALL coleus planted with two parsleys.  Beautiful, beautiful, and only $1-something at Humber:  how could I resist???