Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)


While I’m on a “nostalgic for Naomi’s infancy” kick, we’re officially weaning.  In the sense that I told her she can’t have nummies anymore when she wakes up.  It’s only for sleep-time now. 

Should we have gone cold turkey?

I dunno… I feel like an awful guilty incompetent mama any which way.  Especially the mornings that Ted’s not here to whisk her away and feed her breakfast instantly.  Especially when she has to watch the baby get nummies when she can’t have it.

This morning, both littles woke up simultaneously (he’s usually up at 6:30, and she’s more like 8, but today, they both slept ‘till 8:00!).

So I changed both diapers (both wet; his are more likely to be dry than hers in the morning, these days) and had Naomi bring a book (Veterinarians) to my bed so I could lie down and nummy Gavriel Zev while we read together.

She cried a little bit, and then got very involved in the veterinarians book (one of those “career choice” type of books for little kids, with lots of photos and information on choosing the life of a veterinarian). 

She kept trying to sneak nummies, but more with a sense of mischief than in a sad way.  She’d say she just wanted to touch it, and then when I turned to read, there would be lips sneaking in…