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Six Word Saturday: October 31, 2009

Happy Hallowe’en, little damp lawn bear. Read more

Did I mention my cousin?

She was murdered.

Too late; there was a rift in the family, and we never knew her.
(see my cousin-deprived post from last week)
Never knew a thing about her until the funeral. We went, of course. We wen… Read more

Sing it: "Do they know it's Shabbos, after all...?"

Ted had to work until 4:30 today.  Shabbos is at 5:54. That's less than an hour and a half. Non-Jews are so respectful!  Every non-Jewish employer I've had has said, "oh, you have to lea… Read more

P.S. Cookie redemption!

Further to the Ugly Cookie Episode:  these are not  the most amazing-looking cookies, but at least they have a crumbly bit.However, Elisheva was ecstatic when she saw the see-through cookies!  In her… Read more

Ted’s really astonishingly big carrot

Didn’t you think from the title that this post was going to be just a little rude…??? Read more

Yerachmiel Meir’s Mound of Sweet Potatoes

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A full (short) sentence!

Me:  "Do you want butter on your bread?" Gavriel Zev:  "Budder right here?" Everything he says has a question mark on the end. Still - a real sentence! It's the first I've … Read more

HEAD TO HEAD: Battle Margarine – Fleischmann’s vs Earth Balance

(Postscript:  Read on, and then see this post from later in the day, to discover the stunning conclusion to this shocking cookie episode!)Blah.  Ugly cookies!I wrote here last week about my margarine… Read more

Naomi, in the middle of baking...

...when she sneezed. Me, from the other room:  "what did you sneeze on?" Naomi Rivka:  "I didn't sneeze on anything, I just sneezed on my hand!" Yes, I sent her to wash her ha… Read more

Free Early Years Math Resources!

We have done the Family Math program (sponsored by an oil company I won't mention here - but it's in the link below!) through Ontario Early Years Centres at our local library a couple of ti… Read more

Lights, camera… greenhouse!

In addition to repotting the aloe that was suffering away from the windowsill light, I moved some of the tender plants that I brought inside a few weeks ago which were having a decidedly hard time o… Read more

Goodbye summer… aloe, fall!

Another post I took pictures for but time got away from me this week and I didn’t post it:"Repotting the aloe to bring it inside.  It loved being outside for the summer!  Actually, though, it’s… Read more

Dessert… that lasts six MONTHS??!?

(I took these photos earlier this week meaning to blog them, but the week kind of got away from me…) Ted’s sister brought us this package of “Sinbad”-brand Baklava when she was here on Shabbos.  It’s… Read more

At last, a non-bread supper!

I got inspired in the Asian-foods section of Fortino’s today.  The truth is, I was going to make Poori or Naan to go with this meal, because we love LOVE Indian flatbreads, but… I got lazy – slash –… Read more

"Teaching Jewish Values" Lesson Plans & Website

Just browsing this site, BabagaNewz (ew, who comes up with these names???).  Haven't found anything I would actually use, but there are lots of ideas for (mostly values-based) lesson plans that… Read more

Living Like Kings

Supper!  Hot, fresh, delicious homemade pletzl, plated alongside oven-roasted ratatouille (a fancy way of saying veggies tossed up in a roasting pan), with broccoli soup on the side. Living like king… Read more

Naomi in another room

Me to Naomi:  "Let me know if you need a little bit of help!" GZ:  "What?  What?  What?" Me:  "Naomi's getting dressed.  Sometimes she can do it by herself, sometimes sh… Read more

A Million Years Ago in Moment Magazine...

Every month, Moment poses a thought-provoking spiritual question.  And I just realized (I was searching for a past article at a site I had written for equally long ago) that they actually printed … Read more

Six Word Saturday

No, it's not Saturday today.  I’ll try that next week. But a worthwhile project nevertheless (click the link for more info) since my blog is rarely the soul of brevity. An easy one, to start: Life; … Read more

In the land of idiots...

...that is me trying to learn a new language...

Nothing makes me feel like an idiot like learning NUMBERS.

Numbers are HARD!
In any language.
In ASL they are hard and weird and why the heck does 25 have … Read more

Shuls for people of color?

Came across this website yesterday, which lists shuls (of all denominations) that are known to be friendly to people of colour. (they only include U.S. synagogues at the moment)

Shouldn't we just … Read more

Yes!!! Selling my DVDs! After months and months of posting this on Craigslist, somebody has made an offer on all the ER DVDs I have sitting around... 2 more episodes … Read more

Kosher caterer article

Kosher caterers.  Oy, do I not love writing articles about kosher caterers.First of all, they NEVER offer to feed you!  How am I supposed to write an article about how fantastic someone's food is… Read more

Holy Cow…

I want….JERKY! Beef Jerky!!!  :-oYou used to be able to buy biltong, a south african jerky, at Hartman's up north.  But I haven't seen it in… Read more

Hebrew books we’re enjoying…

I have trouble enjoying most Israeli kids’ books because either the language is too hard or the illustrations are – let’s be honest – kind of weird.This series suffers a little from the “weirdness.” … Read more


I have mentioned how much I hate using the phone, right? And how much I hate interviews? The worst is scheduling interviews.  Making the call, explaining why I'm calling.  Sometimes you'd thi… Read more


I have a friend in Israel who emails pictures of her children.  That's not the peeve.  The peeve is that the pictures are always HUGE.  Her emails take a million years to download.  And when t… Read more

Asleep, 2:30 a.m.

"Waah!" Gavriel Zev, of course.  At this hour, who else?  What else? "What do you need?" "Itchy!"  His leg is itchy, or at least, he wants attention.  I bring some cream,… Read more

Because I am a Girl….darnit!

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Yard Roundup/Cleanup Fall 2009

The BulbsBulbs in – some 200-something of them, by my estimation.  That includes teeny-tiny bulbs like squill and muscari, though, some of which I just dumped into holes, set upright, and covered ove… Read more

Getting Animated

Free Animation Workshop at the NFB this afternoon for ages 6-13.  So what if Elisheva is practically 14.  So what if Naomi is only 4.  Both had a reasonably good time.  Yay! Read more

Aaaaaagh!!! A baalas teshuvah’s lament

Bah.  Once again, I’m spending Sunday evening searching for an alef-bais song of the week.  This week, you’d think it would be wide open:  the letter is ches, so anything to do with challahs, chassan… Read more

Hanging No More

Here are what’s left of my six hanging side-door “bulletproof” planters, planted in June with Creeping Jenny and Phalaris Ribbon Grass.As I suspected back then, the plants in these six (only 3 seen h… Read more

Sadly “No-Ice-Cream-Today” Note

Seen today in the window of the former Ben & Jerry’s location on Queen Street West:Here’s a close-up, modified a bit so you can read the plaintive scrawl that’s been added to the note:(“But you d… Read more


When I was first pregnant with GZ, I sort of kind of avoided being around my sister because she mentioned at one point that she had her period.  She'd been over at our house a bit more than usu… Read more

Shabbos Bookshelf

This week on the Shabbos bookshelf! Pigtails 'n Breadfruit: Rituals of Slave Food, a Barbadian Memoir by Austin Clarke Clarke writes in a lively, affectionate and lyrically distinct voice about gr… Read more

Angel hair

It’s not just pasta anymore… Read more

Oh, NO...

Naomi Rivka:  "Shabbos party is my favourite circle time." Me:  "Which Shabbos party?" Naomi Rivka:  "Friday mornings at our house." Oy, so sad... I really MUST do someth… Read more

Teaching Shabbos

A friend was telling me about one they've been going to a Shabbat program each week.  I won't say anything about it other than that she admitted that the "Shabbat component" has b… Read more

So we went

So we went, we got rained on, Naomi kvetched the whole way (it was rather far, with no way for her to sit or stand on any part of the carriage), and then we got to Mrs. ViKi for lunch rather late..… Read more

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