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Hanging No More

 garden fall 005Here are what’s left of my six hanging side-door “bulletproof” planters, planted in June with Creeping Jenny and Phalaris Ribbon Grass.

As I suspected back then, the plants in these six (only 3 seen here) Ikea hanging planters admirably survived the extremes of drought and drowning that I could have predicted based on the planters’ small size and poor drainage.

In my opinion, they looked pretty good, including serving nicely as living sukkah decorations.

So my two choices, now that the end of the season has arrived, were a) leave them to die, or b) get them in the ground and see if they can survive the winter.  I was actually leaning towards letting it all die, and the Creeping Jenny was already looking kind of brown and dried out

But – perhaps spurred by a week of almost-100% lung function! - I had a surprise burst of gardening energy and figured I’d try to save what I could.  Here are three of them, stuck at the edge of the back bed. 

garden fall 008

If they do root (it’s supposed to be plus temperatures and rainy this week, so maybe!), I may end up regretting plunking the ribbon grass in there.  It’s highly invasive and not all that attractive.  For now, I think it actually looks kind of good.  And I do want more Creeping Jenny; though, as I said, it is already looking like it may be beyond rooting.