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"Teaching Jewish Values" Lesson Plans & Website

Just browsing this site, BabagaNewz (ew, who comes up with these names???).  Haven't found anything I would actually use, but there are lots of ideas for (mostly values-based) lesson plans that could easily be adapted for Jewish homeschoolers:
(there's a "Teacher's Resources" section down the right-hand side)
There are also quite a few craft ideas here:
Most of these are nothing new... you probably made some yourself if you went to Hebrew school (or day school).  But they're kind of dressed up on a slick website and could help jog your memory if you're looking for a Jewish-themed craft project.
Lots more to see at this site, but I suspect most isn't all that deep and is aimed mostly at kids from non-religious backgrounds (which, in frum circles, is sometimes euphemistically referred to as "mixed backgrounds").