Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Goodbye summer… aloe, fall!

Another post I took pictures for but time got away from me this week and I didn’t post it:"

aloes 010Repotting the aloe to bring it inside.  It loved being outside for the summer!  Actually, though, it’s been inside for a few weeks, but this pot was too big to keep on a windowsill, so I had to break it up.

Did you know that baby aloes are called “pups”?

It’s true.  I think some other plants have pups also… maybe cacti?

aloes 012Last winter, this was not much bigger than the small one on the right, and now the main plant is the big thing in the green pot.  There’s a fourth piece in a ceramic pot that isn’t visible in this picture. 

It’s a lot of aloe, that’s for sure…

I did break off a bit last year as my belly slash was healing.  It really did help with the itching.  We should definitely start actually using it for its healing properties. 

Unfortunately, the main walking wounded in this household far prefer decorative band-aids to a dab of aloe vera juice!