Dessert… that lasts six MONTHS??!?

(I took these photos earlier this week meaning to blog them, but the week kind of got away from me…)

aloes 006 Ted’s sister brought us this package of “Sinbad”-brand Baklava when she was here on Shabbos.  It’s probably from Costco… that’s where his family tends to pick up huge quantities of random things just because they’re kosher.

Which I love, by the way.  I have a happy feeling in my heart whenever I picture them looking around, spotting the hechsher, tossing it in the cart.

So despite neither of us ever having expressed any love or even passing interest in baklava, here we were with this jumbo pack of it.

aloes 005And I happened to be looking it over when I noticed the expiry date on the bottom side.  Not even an expiry date, really; it just says “Best Before.”  And that date?  April 6, 2010.  Even if they were brand-new, fresh-baked the day she bought them, that still means they last, with all their fresh honey and butter goodness, for almost SIX MONTHS.

I mean, I have heard that honey has some natural preservative properties, but SIX MONTHS? 

aloes 003Something about that just creeps me out.  No idea what.

Here’s Ted trying a piece and giving it the big ol’ thumbs-up.  Thanks to Ted for volunteering to be my guinea pig.  Now, I’ll just wait a few months and see what happens to him.  If he’s still okay by, say, March, maybe I’ll take a piece or two for myself!

(No, seriously, I joke… of course I had to try a piece, or two, or three.  They are actually not bad, though not really something I would ever spontaneously buy for myself or my family)


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