Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Sing it: "Do they know it's Shabbos, after all...?"

Ted had to work until 4:30 today.  Shabbos is at 5:54.
That's less than an hour and a half.
Non-Jews are so respectful!  Every non-Jewish employer I've had has said, "oh, you have to leave, you have to go home to get ready... I totally understand; you go right ahead."  If they see that you respect Shabbos, chances are, they will, too.
(of course, I'd arrange to make up time missed by coming in early or putting in an extra half hour here or there; it's not like I'm getting away with something...!)
The downside of working for Jews, apparently, is that they know when Shabbos starts and pretty much couldn't care less:  "What do you mean, you need to leave early?  Shabbos isn't until almost 6:00!"
What do they think, it just happens, by itself?  No cooking, no cleaning, no preparation?  Oh, and have they ever heard of Mincha, which, by definition, takes place before Shabbos...???
If only he was working for goyim, he could make Shabbos properly.  As it is, today he had time literally to run in, bread the Shake n' Bake chicken, and now he's on his way out the door to shul.  Sigh.
(in the winter they reluctantly let them out at 3... and yes, it is often a very tight squeeze to get home and get out in time for shul)
Shabbos dinner:
~ Soup w/ kneidlach
~ Corn
~ Israeli couscous with Mango
~ Coconut-marinated Shake n' Bake Crispy Chicken  (we used the coconut milk I forgot to add to last night's supper!)
~ Blueberry sourdough cake
~ Chocolate chip cookies
Good Shabbos!!!