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Getting it all organized!

So here's what I have left, seed-wise, after giving a few things away at Seedy Saturday today. Not enough, apparently, because the BOX is still bursting with seeds.

I love this box! So elegant, … Read more

Garden Plan 2009

Too small to see, but here's a shot of my ultra-geeky spreadsheet with the top-secret plans for
Square Foot Gardening: 2009!

Though I think if you click on the image it may become bigger, and thus… Read more

So I wonder

I have been speculating inappropriately about the nature of the neighbours' marriage. Can't help it, maybe... or maybe I can but choose not to. He's 80-something, Jewish, Canadian. She… Read more

Vote, vote, vote!

We're actually moving up the ranks!
Probably because it's such a $#!% to log in and vote at the site, but do it anyway...

Thank you. Read more

How to dress a wilful toddler

Gosh, that word looks wrong. Shouldn't it have more L's???

Anyway, the truth is, if your toddler is not going to get dressed, oh, well... you have to take over sometimes.

But one technique t… Read more

Nanny's mother's prayer...

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Elisheva's fantasy vacation world

Just a little doodle Elisheva came up with:

I love having a daughter this smart and funny and strange.
Make that two daughters... I suspect the little one will follow in her footsteps. Read more

Drat, that is NOT all, after all...

Two other "growing" projects tonight in our house: ~ Sprouting wheat berries for Shabbos to mix into the challah - yum! ~ Sprouting alfalfa in my EasySprout for Shabbos salad I kind of pict… Read more

Envelope-Corner Seeding How-To

This is an extremely short instructional video I created to demonstrate the art of envelope-corner seed sowing.

I have a set of seedspoons, which I love ( , but this… Read more

Getting growing...!

So I finally got off my tushie and started some seeds tonight!
At left, Portulaca x 10, Red Rubin Basil x 5, Parsley x 10.

The portulaca - if you've been reading carefully, you'll see I just or… Read more

Meet the Coleus!

Here they all are! Since I talk about them so bloody often it sounds like an obsession...
here are the basic SIX designs of coleus that I am maintining this
year - hereinafter referred to as "mode… Read more

I'm fweeky bwilliant!

Yay! I have the BEST, best idea for shalach manos this year. I decided already that the theme would be "FOREVER SUMMERTIME".

Dumb, if you remember that last year's theme was "SPRI… Read more

Just the supper

~ Chicken-based Pea soup reheated from last Wednesday's post. Just asked Ted and he says it's less than a week so it's fine.
~ Cabbage Rolls - my mother made and brought these for Shabbos… Read more

I have been avoiding eating there

Because it's not the same, of course, without Daddy.
It's not the same and it's not even an acceptable kind of different.

But I think it makes my mother happy to open her home, and it makes… Read more

Sunday Supper @ Mommy's

We ate at my mother's house tonight, which I still call "Bubby-Zeidy house" to the kids. Picked up slicey meats, po salad and coleslaw at Toronto Kosher, Rye Bread and Rugelach at Grod… Read more

Know what I just realized???

Crashing a car sure beats the bejeepers out of washing a library book in terms of ditziness, confusion and distractedness! Not to mention how bloody much it will end up costing our world.

Like my mo… Read more

My Moron Reward

To reward my stupidity for hitting the car on Friday,
(oh - did I mention our phone was cut off on Thursday night because I was too dumb and put off paying it?)
yes... so.

To reward my stupidity for get… Read more

The Saddest Comment of All

No Unmoderated Comments Found Somebody, anybody - comment! Read more

I hit a car

We had a lovely time at the ball pool and met up with Charlene and her husband and twinnies there - they're 19 months old already! :-o

I also had coffee with friend this morning. Such a nice thi… Read more

Roundup: Must-have RAVE products o' th' Week!!!

A few items I have discovered in my frequent raids on health-food stores recently... and now can't live without.

First up, because Sara started me on a decent-chocolate kick, is the White with Ni… Read more

Ah, the bitter, bitter ironies...

...Of my distracted life!

I found this old library book in Naomi & Gavriel Zev's room so I set it outside the room to remember to bring it out. OK, when I say "outside the room," I d… Read more

Hesperis / Phlox "Milkweed" Dilemma - the exciting conclusion!

The amazing things I learn every day!

In person, these two flowers look
very similar, trust me:
Hesperis matronalis - aka Sweet Rocket, Dame's
Rocket, etc

vs Phlox aka ... umm... Phlox.
I guess it gets… Read more

Or is it...

Hesperis matronalis (aka Dame's Rocket), as seen here???

Oh, argh, I'm so confused!

Now I'm convinced that it's the Hesperis, because the "tubes" at the centre of phlox are em… Read more

HOW could I have been so deluded?!?

For the last two years, I have greatly appreciated the happy milkweed volunteers that pop up in my garden and bring a few butterflies along with them to nibble.

And I just assumed this was another ki… Read more

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