Ah, the bitter, bitter ironies...

...Of my distracted life!

I found this old library book in Naomi & Gavriel Zev's room so I set it outside the room to remember to bring it out. OK, when I say "outside the room," I didn't want it getting lost and put away on the kiddie bookshelf, so I tossed it in the laundry hamper, knowing I was doing laundry in a few minutes so it would for sure get taken out.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, folks. Or if you know where I'm going with this.

I had no clue, and was, in fact, feeling pretty proud of myself for finally getting this Chanukah title out the door. (decent book, by the way! )

Now, normally, when I take the laundry downstairs, I presort it really carefully upstairs and only take down one basketfull at a time, whites or dark colours or brights or whatever, just the load I'm about to do. I don't like having a ton of laundry lurking for me in the basement.

But somehow, this week, I have managed to keep the laundry more or less under control and the basket only had a few items in it: not enough for a full load of any one colour/ shade, so I thought "what the heck... I'll just toss it all in" figuring maybe the whites wouldn't be as bright or the darks would be a bit linty, but at least it would all be clean before the weekend.

I'm telling you, I never do that. And I never use the laundry basket to store library books in... as I learned why when I went to transfer the clean laundry to the dryer and felt something go "thunk." The library book!


Supper tonight:

~ Homemade polenta (already made - I made it this morning while the baby slept!) with -? Um, no idea? Mushroom sauce? But we had a ton of mushroom gravy with the Tofurkey on Sunday night, so I don't know.
~ Pacific tetra-pack Creamy Tomato Soup
~ Maybe frozen peas?
~ We need something else - maybe salmon patties? Everybody likes salmon patties!

I'm running out of supper inspiration FAST. I need some warm weather and fresh garden produce!!!
I also turned around after the kids fell asleep and discovered it was 4 p.m. already. I guess they both played in their beds and "dawdle." I opened the door to the baby's room and snuck up on him chewing his feet. He jumped a bit when I talked to him (I said, "you can eat your feet later - it's sleep time."). I wasn't extra-quiet walking in or anything, but he was engrossed.

He's a little bit jumpy anyway. Ted says when the lion roared at the zoo (a pretty quite roar at a distance), he jumped a bit. He does it in my lap when we start watching a "Jono" parsha video, though I do warn him now that "the noise is going to come."

OK, must go have leisure time before everybody wakes up - slash - comes home. I'm sick of YM needing the computer the second he walks through the door. All his practice exercises and everything are on the computer... I wish they had a textbook or something. Maybe I should ask our friend Judy, who does math tutoring, if she has a decent Grade Nine math text.
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