Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Drat, that is NOT all, after all...

Two other "growing" projects tonight in our house:
~ Sprouting wheat berries for Shabbos to mix into the challah - yum!
~ Sprouting alfalfa in my EasySprout for Shabbos salad
I kind of picture this as some sort of weird NewAge Shabbos ritual.
You are actually supposed to do one thing each day, I think, to prepare for Shabbos.  Wouldn't it be cool if every Jewish family, early in the week, started something sprouting to get it ready for Shabbos? 
We'd all be a lot healthier, anyway... without even going overboard-crazy about the health benefits of sprouts.

You know, when I was little, I spent a lot of time wishing, wishing, wishing, that my parents would split up... I would dream about the wonderful quality time I could spend with my mother or my father without the other one in the way.  
I always assumed, for some reason, that their personalities would be better separately than apart... I sort of figured they deserved each other, for whatever reasons I had at the time for assuming that.
It's just strange seeing my mother as a single woman now; talking about maybe colouring her hair, thinking maybe she'll go on dates or whatever, however-long down the line.
And realizing that she is only half of those divorced parents I longed for as a child.  I feel like I should still have a daddy somewhere to visit, maybe on weekends, or Wednesday evenings, or whatever custodial arrangement they would have reached had they actually split up.
Her personality is different, by the way.  Still early days yet, I know, but funny, maybe even a little happy, making her own choices and being stuck with them for good or bad.  She has always been such a strong personality, yet, never having lived on her own as an adult (she married pretty much straight out of university), becoming an adult in some ways for the first time ever.
I still feel ripped off, though.
I hope you don't mind these wild mood swings between plants and death and life and my family and whatever other tedious things are going on in my life.
Although maybe that's why this blog has so few readers.  ;-)))
Know your audience:  the first precept of captivating non-fiction, and I know I have violated it, um, a bazillion times in this blog.