Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

My Moron Reward

To reward my stupidity for hitting the car on Friday,
(oh - did I mention our phone was cut off on Thursday night because I was too dumb and put off paying it?)
yes... so.

To reward my stupidity for getting the phone cut off.
And my stupidity for hitting the car on Friday.

For not at all deserving the love of the good people who are no longer here to see me mess up my life.
And also because today I was a good friend, a decent mother, and paid some bills.
And paid back YM for some of the money we swiped from his bank account.
And paid back EC for some of the money I swiped from her bank account last week.

I splurged and spent $10 U.S. on eBay seeds... having been too dumb to learn my lesson about eBay seed sellers.
Anyway, I had a smallish credit for the petunias, so it was about $8 and free shipping because I ordered ten packets.

These are their pictures:

I am such a sucker for flower pictures now. I promised Elisheva Chaya this hobby would pass quickly, in a year or two... but secretly, I hope it never will.
Here are their names:

330298470354 - White Flowering Astilbe Seeds FEATHERY FLOWERS
330294845403 - Zinnia Seeds "Green with Envy"
330293903561 - Delicate White Sweet Williams Flower Seeds
330290355125 - Chamomile Flower Seeds Delightful Apple Scented Flowers
330289651308 - 20 Assorted Colors Grape Hyacinth Seeds
330267885075 - 10 Heliotrope Flower Seeds VANILLA SCENTED FLOWERS
270325666168 - Delicate Pink & White Sweet Pea Mix Flower Seeds
270309966696 - Purple Allium Seeds Sale!! LATE SPRING BLOOMER!!
270308530909 - White Swan Coneflower Echinacea Seeds HERBAL PLANT
270272772669 - Sundial Portulaca Seeds COLORFUL IN HANGING BASKETS!!!

A few have been on my WANTS list for a while: Heliotrope, Astilbe, White Coneflower.

A couple are for my mother's garden, to surprise her: mostly the Portulaca, because the ones she planted brought her so much joy last year.

And a few of the others were just to bring the total to ten because I'd rather pay for seeds than shipping!

So there.
Sticking out my tongue in defiance of this world where money just seems to matter so bloody much.

My mother-in-law in Calgary just emailed to say she needs some paperwork from me ASAP... drat, drat, drat.

She asked a couple of months ago, but then Israel, and funerals... and blah. She still needs it.
And so another week begins.