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Meet the Coleus!

Here they all are!

Since I talk about them so bloody often it sounds like an obsession...
here are the basic SIX designs of coleus that I am maintining this
year - hereinafter referred to as "models":

1) Basic red "pointsettia" model (my 2nd year wintering this one; from Fall 2007 cutting)

2) Lime with red veins model (1st year; from Fall 2008 cutting) - this one's just a baby, a very recent graduate of which I'm quite proud!

3) Orangey-pinky model (2nd year wintering; this one is fussy and doesn't do well in cool temps, ie my basement... but it looks great in the garden!)

4) Ruffley red model (dragon?) (2nd year) - a little showy, even though I hate the word showy! Last year it didn't do well in the cold basement, and I actually lost a few... I guess the hardiest ones survived, because it's having no problem this year.

5) "Basic" pink-cored model - I bought a super-cheap dozen of coleus annuals last summer to fill in gaps in the bed (1st year)... may as well grow my own dozen this year!

6) Kong Pink speckly type model purchased last spring. Its leaves are wrinkly and it has a very bushy habit so I haven't been able to take any cuttings indoors... I just realized that tonight, so pulled one off to root on the windowsill. Hopefully I'll get two of these to plant out; probably not more...

Hopefully you can figure out which is which, or maybe I'll edit this post so the pics line up with my commentary. [I did!]

And I actually managed to get a few of today's windowsill "graduates" potted up - I'm doing them two to a pot now so that a) I don't run out
of space, and b) it'll be easier to hand them over for trades etc in the spring if I have spares.

Haven't done a count yet, but I'd imagine this brings us up over 40... not sure how I count the pots that have two in them yet: do they count as a single coleus or two??

Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do... though it's hard to imagine, as I really am droning on. ;-)