Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Getting it all organized!

So here's what I have left, seed-wise, after giving a few things away at Seedy Saturday today. Not enough, apparently, because the BOX is still bursting with seeds.

I love this box! So elegant, so pretty. It's sturdy and actually has a magnetic closure, but good luck getting the thing actually shut with all these packets in it. We got it with the Bais Yaakov shalach manos a couple of years ago (last year?), and I appropriated it for seeds the second it came through the door.

I've divided up the seeds into big plastic bags: Perennials, Annuals, Herbs, Tomatoes, Beans and Peas, Leafies, Other Veggies, and one for "Already In 2009" - seeds that have been wintersown or started indoors already.

(peas and beans are bulky and I don't even try to fit them in the box - that's the swollen-full baggie off to the left side...)

Please! If anybody is reading this and lives in the Toronto area, do not buy seeds without asking me first. I have everything, too much of everything, and nowhere near enough land or time to plant it all... help! :-)))

(Especially if you consider Mel Bartholomew's advice - he's the originator of Square Foot Gardening - that you should only plant the number of seeds that corresponds to the number of plants you want. What a concept! If you want one tomato plant, plant one seed, maybe two or three if it's old seed and you're not sure it will germinate. My technique is more like five seeds in each spot and then thin, thin, thin. It's a matter of faith - yes, Hashem gave us a world where you stick the thing in the soil, it rots like crazy and yes, a baby plant is born almost every time. It really does work - you just have to leap into it and not plant a bazillion seeds or start a quatrillion peat pots if all you want is four cucumber vines. :-))))

Detailed list of available seeds coming up, hopefully....
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