Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Just the supper

~ Chicken-based Pea soup reheated from last Wednesday's post. Just asked Ted and he says it's less than a week so it's fine.
~ Cabbage Rolls - my mother made and brought these for Shabbos dinner
~ Plain Basmati Rice, for the picky eating crowd
~ Leftover from Shabbos Pumpkin-Barley Risotto*
~ Corn, some leftover some fresh from frozen
That should keep starvation away for another day.

* I was looking for a grain / side dish for Shabbos and happened on the most wonderful combination!
A bit of white wine... half a tin of pumpkin... (NOT pumpkin pie filling, just plain packed pumpkin!)
Turned out moist and flavourful and delicious.
More of an inspiration than a recipe, but I hope it will inspire others if I put it out here!

Blah. Paid over $2100 today to fix somebody else's car. They must be shellacking it with diamonds while it's in the shop. The repair-shop guy says he'd estimate about 75% of collision repairs are paid by a "third party," ie the person responsible, rather than putting it in to the insurance. What a scam those companies are running.

I don't even want to get up out of this chair even to reheat supper... glad I don't have to cook.

Oh - last night's supper was amazing, though!

~ Hot & sour soup - we had chicken broth coming out our ears from Shabbos because my mother wanted to make/bring soup but we also thawed some that had been in the freezer for months... and then made fresh soup just for good measure! So I made fabulous fresh hot and sour soup. What more need I say? Even Elisheva said, after initially complaining about yet another meat meal, that the soup alone could be a meal in itself. (bok choy, shiitake, corn)
But no, because it was accompanied by...
~ Peanutty-sauce stirfry (broccoli, sweet peas, bean sprouts) over...
~ Fettucine noodles

Lots of prep but extremely yummy & worthwhile.

Sara called yesterday. I think I was grouchy and antisocial.
The neighbour (wife) called from the hospital; he was supposed to come home yesterday afternoon, but I suspect it didn't happen 'till today because that's when I spotted the AmbuTrans ambulance out in front of their house. I hope everything is okay, and I want to be nice and supportive, but this week, I simply do not have the energy.

So I guess this post was NOT just the supper after all.
But now YM is here and he has school work to do.