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Envelope-Corner Seeding How-To

This is an extremely short instructional video I created to demonstrate the art of envelope-corner seed sowing.

I have a set of seedspoons, which I love ( , but this is super-cheap and easy for seeds so small and wispy that even the spoons can't handle them. I had read about using the corner of a piece of paper, which worked just fine, but this method is almost foolproof, by which I mean even I can do it.

I made a video because I had a hard time visualizing the exact process by which the seeds would march out of the envelope corner in an orderly fashion... but sure enough, it works pretty well!

These Astilbe (arendsii, mixed colour) seeds look pretty big in the video, but in real life they were just teensy specks, more like chaff than nice rounded seeds.

To make an envelope-corner seeder, just cut off the corner of any nice, crisp, new, white envelope. Doesn't matter what size, really. I insist on crisp, new and white because if it's crinkled even a little, your seeds could get trapped in a crinkle. And if it's not white, how are you going to see the seeds???

Dump all the seeds from the packet into the seeder. Tip the seeder just a bit towards the soil, then tippy-tap with your finger on top of the envelope.

~ If seeds don't slide out at first, gradually increase the angle and/or firmness of your tapping.
~ If too many seeds are sliding out, decrease the angle, tap more gently... well, you get the picture.

Enjoy! Ask me in a month if these sprouted!