Hesperis / Phlox "Milkweed" Dilemma - the exciting conclusion!

The amazing things I learn every day!

In person, these two flowers look
very similar, trust me:
Hesperis matronalis - aka Sweet Rocket, Dame's
Rocket, etc

vs Phlox aka ... umm... Phlox.
I guess it gets enough puns
about "flocks and flocks" of them without making things worse by giving it a

Anyway, they look nothing alike here, but here's a
quick answer to my question from a poster on YouGrowGirl forums:

it's not a phlox. there's an easy way to tell: hesperis flowers have four
petals (crucifer family) phlox flowers have five petals (polemonia family)
So there it is.
It's a Hesperis. Kind of anticlimactic, actually...
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