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Today's gingybread obsession...

I just took a series of pics of the gingybread house with candles inside... I have no idea why I love it so much.

Here it is in total darkness, which probably suits it best. It is the world's ho… Read more

The Naked Gingerbread

Here, just slightly out of order, are "before" pictures of the gingerbread house, undecorated. Super-easy to make using this recipe.

Won't be posting "before" or "after… Read more


I am so relieved: the actual, ORIGINAL divorce judgment is on its way from Calgary. In my single-minded quest to obtain a copy because my original was lost, I forgot: there was a second original, … Read more

Fwd: Tonight's supper

Monday supper:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Teddy G<>
Date: 2008/12/29
Subject: Tonights supper
To: "Jennifer" <>

Tonight, we had: - those bread things that I rolled o… Read more

Card from Ted & famille

So here's what we all look like, in all our cartoonish glory.
I especially love all that hair on the baby. I really must find clips or something to hold it all back!!! Read more

No, it's not a shofar!

It is the BEST bagel I have ever, EVER made!

They turned out so yummy, so easy - though a little more kneading than when I just made them as pretzels.
Latkes were also delicious and homemade. You can… Read more

And now, from the Bad-Mama Dept...

I have been scoffing at the "dangers of the Internet" forces in the frum community because we have only one computer and it's very centrally located in our tiny house, so I figured nobo… Read more

From the Organized-Mama Dept...

I just washed Ted's kittel.  A few wine stains, but still.  Pesach?  Bring it ON!!! Suppers: Tuesday (yesterday) - Ted made lentil soup (from a mix), hamburgers (fried in a pan), roasted tinned pot… Read more

I love this picture...

Camping at Awenda, July 2008:

(I had this blown up to 8x10 & framed them in clip frames, one copy for each person in the canoe)

I hate this picture...

But I guess that's understandable. Read more

photo from the mall

YM took this with a demonstration iPhone on Saturday night while we were downtown seeing the lights (and ducking into the Eaton Centre because the lights were outside in the bloody cold weather)..… Read more

Why is this pepper flowering - INDOORS?

Here's the bell pepper I brought inside to overwinter. Sure, there are nibble marks all over the leaves, but she's also - in December! - flowering like crazy. I wonder if it's going to… Read more

Mental Note

MUST TRY these
homemade soft pretzels... Elisheva would love these when she came home from
school one day... waiting for her with a mug of hot chocolate...

I love having someone here who is so easy to
p… Read more

A new Chanukah tradition??? Churros!

Well, here's how they turned out... I'm pretty proud, actually.

Here's the recipe I started with. However, I doubled the original recipe, then added 1/4 cup of sugar to the boiling water … Read more

Not Going My Way Day, Part 2

Oh... 15.  While in line at the post office (see Step 2 in my previous post), Naomi looked tired, so I sat her down in the corner (yes, on the floor) and gave her an elastic band to play with, becau… Read more

Things NOT going my way today

1.  Having to take Ted to work at 8 am this morning.  Nothing but Xmas music on every single station.  Gaah. A few things were okay after that, and I went out at 10 to go to the post office to take… Read more

Mango Sprouting How-To, Part 3

OK... so we're back with Mango Sprouting for Garden Dummies. Have you read Part 1?
How about Part 2?

After however-long the seed has sat in its paper-towel mummification, you can see (I h… Read more

Mango Sprouting How-To, Part 2

OK, so you'll remember that in Part 1 (just a second ago, in my time!), we used a butter knife to crack open the husk of a mango PIT to reveal the soft SEED within.

Here's a close-up of t… Read more

Mango Sprouting How-To, Part 1

OK... here's how to sprout your very own authentic mango tree!

No, I have never done this before. And yes, the last one I tried failed miserably.
But here we go again.

First, ignore my huge… Read more

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