Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

No, it's not a shofar!

It is the BEST bagel I have ever, EVER made!

They turned out so yummy, so easy - though a little more kneading than when I just made them as pretzels.
Latkes were also delicious and homemade. You can see here that I added a bit of carrot... I figure it sweetens them up a bit, and adds a touch of flavour.

And here's Ted shovelling yesterday, before the rain came and washed all the snow away and turned the world into a skating rink.

We phoned my father's aunt & uncle in Israel today... now they're expecting us, or something. With the state of my fractured Hebrew, who knows who or what or when they're expecting?? :-)))

Family fun day at the BJCC was a hit, once again. Took all 4 kids by myself, stayed for lunch. Baby slept in the stroller through lunch but is now wide awake. And now, both littles are in bed but nobody is sleeping. Gaah.

Supper tonight is supposed to be me ordering pizza to eat at my parents' house. I am somewhat dreading it. We were supposed to be going to a movie because Sara was supposed to be babysitting, but now Sara's not coming, so who knows what's happening on that front either...?
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