I am so relieved: the actual, ORIGINAL divorce judgment is on its way from Calgary. In my single-minded quest to obtain a copy because my original was lost, I forgot: there was a second original, sent straight from the judge to my ex. Signature and all. Just lurking in a drawer waiting for me to mention it so my mother-in-law could fish it out. As she already did for the death certificate - this whole passport process must be killing her. Note to self: send her something lovely, immediately. I have no clue what.

This literally just happened, a few minutes ago, after a rotten cold stuck-inside day phoning everybody (my MP,to speed up the passport office, my MPP, to get the original divorce paper) and otherwise neglecting my children.

And then Sara wasn't sufficiently motivated to professionally decorate the lousy gingerbread house I made last night, so I had to do it myself tonight... pretty crummy job, but at least we won't feel bad smashing & eating it!!! (gaah)

While we're on the topic of Depressing & Sad Papers, we do have Happy Papers around here as well. Elisheva's new Alberta birth certificate is literally the most beautiful government document I have ever seen. Soft and flexible lightweight and plasticky with holograms and a see-through spot, it reminds me of a butterfly.


After last night's extravaganza, tonight was an Easy Supper night because Ted was working late.
~ Perogies
~ Broccoli soup (actually fabulous, I made it with both mozzarella and cream cheese)
~ Creamed corn

More photos of the gingerbread house:

Apparently, I have to go put my 14-year-old son to bed. Gaah.

<3 J
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