Today's gingybread obsession...

I just took a series of pics of the gingybread house with candles inside... I have no idea why I love it so much.

Here it is in total darkness, which probably suits it best. It is the world's homeliest, but it's mine, all MINE!

The creepy eyes in the second photo are what Ted (or Elisheva, I forget) is referring to as the gingerbread zombies.

Naomi and I made them this morning and gave them white-choco chip eyes... I didn't realize they would then look as though they arepossessed. Sigh... it's meant to be our family. :-)))

I do love the fourth one here, with the light pouring out the door, even though you can see a bit of the candle, so it sort of ruins the effect...


~ Superstore chicken
~ Ted-tinned potatoes
~ Veg on the side (corn - yay!)

Bad timing: Ted's sister Cheryl sent two packs of yummy chocolates and Elisheva is now begging me to have one because she can't after supper, because we'll be fleishik. She is sitting behind me on the sofa muttering "I'm having a Guylian..."

I have been charged with selecting her birthday present from Grandma online. Will have to do it tonight after her bedtime, because there is no privacy around here.

<3 J
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  1. Hahaha, those gingerbread zombies cracked me up!


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