Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Things NOT going my way today

1.  Having to take Ted to work at 8 am this morning.  Nothing but Xmas music on every single station.  Gaah.
A few things were okay after that, and I went out at 10 to go to the post office to take the xmas parcels I didn't get a chance to take because of the snowstorm on Friday.
Found a decent parking spot on the street behind Dollarama.  It was easy to get into because it was the first space.  There was a ton of snow on the street, but none behind me so I figured I could get out okay because behind me was a no parking zone.
2.  Waiting for a long time in line at the post office.  It was only one family ahead of us but they were SLOWWWW as they pondered all their options.  Canada Post should really simplify its pricing.  Gaaah.  I was about to strangle them.
3.  Got to the counter and the lady said the debit machine was down.  Gaah.  I made her write a sign then and there so others wouldn't be duped as I had been into waiting in line.
4.  Waited while the post office lady tallied the amounts it would cost, adding just a bit extra for each package, of course, because I didn't get to the post office on Friday because of the snowstorm, and now everything has to go express to get there by Thursday (xmas).  It came to almost $70  :-o
4.  The Shoppers Drug Mart store manager said they gave cash back at the front, so once the post office lady gave me my total, I went and selected a token pack of sippy cups and went to the front to pay for them.  Cashier said there was a maximum of $40 cash back for each transaction.  Paid for the sippy cups, got $40.  Paid for an impulse-purchase overpriced Godiva chocolate bar, got $30.  Gaah.
Went back and paid for the parcels and sent them off.  That part went okay.
5.  Walked back with Naomi, noticed that someone had pulled into the No Parking zone behind our car, blocking me in between it and a wall of snow higher than the front of the car.
6.  Asked nasty shovelling Asian dragon lady shopkeeper across the street. to borrow her shovel - she said no.
6.5  Told Naomi NOT TO SPEAK.  Because I just felt SO frustrated.
7.  Started car, tried to pull back and forth to get out but this is the WORST car in snow and plus it has this "feature" where it won't go into Reverse if it senses that you are stressed in some way.  I have no clue how it knows; it's psychic or something.  So going back and forth turned into an ordeal like "go FORWARD, shift into neutral, try to shift into reverse, SCREAM, go forward, spin wheels, shift into neutral, try reverse, SCREAM, turn off car, turn on car, spin steering wheel like a magic pinwheel, SCREAM, go forward, shift into neutral, shift into REVERSE (yay!  it worked), pull back, spin wheels, pull forward, shift into neutral, try reverse, SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM."
Pull out car manual to see what the heck kind of feature that reverse problem is.  Curse Ted because we always blame Ted if something goes wrong.  Vow to have the service people look at the shifter and tell us why it is so cranky.
8.  Dragon lady went in, slightlier friendlier dragon man with snow blower across the street does not offer to help.  Dragon lady comes out and leaves shovel for dragon man.  Ask dragon man to borrow shovel.  He says yes.  Semi-bow to him gratefully.
9.  Man walks back with Dollarama shopping bag back to his car which is blocking me in (remember, he's in the NO PARKING zone).  Tell him I've been stuck for 20 minutes waiting for him to get his car out of my way because I'm stuck.  "I'm here, I'm leaving." he says, leaving me fuming.  I shovel around the car anyway while he starts his car and begins backing up. 
10.  Finally, I have to say something.  Go knock on his window, which he rolls down, and I say - VERY nicely, I promise - "you could say sorry."  He nods and I think he does look slightly humbled, but does NOT say sorry.
Return shovel.
11.  Pull car back and forth, back and forth, back and forth - again, it's tough because (see Step 7) the shifter gets stuck practically every time due to my psychic stress.
FINALLY, get out, give a jaunty wave to dragon man as I pull onto Dufferin and prepare to turn left onto the first street.
12.  Overdo the turn and plow straight into a snowbank.  SCREAM.
Back and forth a couple of times.  This time, it's relatively easy to get out of the snow.
13.  Drove home silently.  This counts as a "thing not going my way" because we love our happy driving car chats, usually.  And it is so unnatural for any of my kids to be so very, very quiet.
14.  Got home.  Sara just woke up after a very late night and will not be here until maybe 2:30.  Gaah.  And I promised I'd pick up the sandwiches for my mother, plus make latkes (luckily from a mix), plus make churros (NOT from a mix).
Maybe I'll ask Elisheva to make the latkes, if she's in a good enough mood... we'll see.
What a day.  I'm exhausted, and the real work hasn't even started, and I sense that the baby is already awake and lying in wait to begin screaming...