A new Chanukah tradition??? Churros!

Well, here's how they turned out... I'm pretty proud, actually.

Here's the recipe I started with. However, I doubled the original recipe, then added 1/4 cup of sugar to the boiling water to make the choux paste. Had only a tiny bit of trouble with the piping bag at first, and then Sara showed me how to refill it properly and no more problems!

I do wish I'd had a larger star tip, because I was hoping for a puffy donut-like centre, and these turned out looking more like sweetened french fries. Next time, especially if I have some notice, I'll definitely invest in a cookie press. As it was, I was happy I'd spent more money on a REAL piping bag, because the dollar store ones tend to fall apart and/or burst open if you have a thickish batter going through the tip.

Instead of the traditional mexican-chocolate dip, we are doing a fondue of Cocoa Camino 71% melted with condensed milk. Mmmm....

The rest of supper, which is the Chanukah party at my parents' house:

Party sandwiches (yum!) from Dairy Treats
Latkes (from a mix) by meeeee
Baby oranges - oops, forgot to send them over with Sara when she went a few minutes ago! :-o
Churros & dip
Who knows what else?! :-)))

Off to enjoy it all!!!

<3 J
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