Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Not Going My Way Day, Part 2

15.  While in line at the post office (see Step 2 in my previous post), Naomi looked tired, so I sat her down in the corner (yes, on the floor) and gave her an elastic band to play with, because there was really nothing for her to see and do and I didn't want her wandering around the store getting in trouble.  When I was finished with the post office lady tallying the amounts (see Step 4, previous), I went to take Naomi's hand and noticed that three of her fingers were dark, dark cyanotic purple.  I quickly pulled off the elastic band and pocketed it, with a warning that she must NEVER do that again.  I think another couple of minutes and those fingers would have been in real trouble - I have never seen such an ugly colour.  And it didn't seem to be hurting or bothering her in any way.  :-o
16.  Just went to make the latkes (from a mix, no problem!), only to discover that there are only 5 eggs in the house... each packet of latke mix (there are 7) requires one egg, plus the churros will need at least 4.  Usually, I ask Ted to buy two dozen eggs.  This is week we only got one.  Gaaah.
17.  As I pulled up at home, at last, after the ordeal outlined in Steps 5-13 in the previous post, noticed a sidewalk snow plow parked across the driveway.  The driver had a SMOKE BREAK look about him - actually, as I turned the corner and noticed the plow, I saw him put it in park, pull out a cigarette and stick it in his mouth.  I beeped at him and he rolled down his window.  I shouted "driveway!" and he shook his head.  Then he got out and I shouted "that's my driveway!"  He said, "oh, I thought you wanted me to plow the driveway."  Gaah and Gaah again.  Actually, that one was just kind of dumb and funny.  :-)
Have made up 5 packets of latke mix and sent Elisheva to my parents to pick up 8 more eggs.  She went graciously, for a change.  When I told her (I left out the "for a change" part) she said I didn't have to lie just so she would do it.  But it's true:  I expected an argument, and all she said was "I'm not going!" and then went and got changed.  I love her so much sometimes.  :-)))
<3 J