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Shabbos Food!

Supper:ChallahSoup w/kneidlach Baked g-fish from freezer CornShake n’ Bake Cranberry kugel (Ted’s apple kugel recipe but with crans)Green beans Desserts Lunch:ChallahBaked g-fish Blintzes Salmon pas… Read more

Parsha Poem: קְדֹשִׁים / Kedoshim

יִּקְרָא / VAYIKRA / LEVITICUS 19:1-20:27:  READ ITHEAR IT.Printable PDF version here.There are always others weaker than you We all have weaknesses – even you do. Widows and orphans, … Read more

Yom HaShoah – kids’ party?

So the littles were invited to a baby’s first birthday party, which is being held on Sunday – which happens to be Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).I don’t really do a big thing about it, but I… Read more

What does YOUR Rasha / Wicked Son look like?

EFink has an interesting guest post up at DovBear’s blog right now showing a few contemporary renditions of the Rasha, or wicked son from the Haggadah, and how it highlights our unfortunate tendency … Read more

If Mrs. S. can do it… (search engine roundup!)

Inspired by Mrs. S. over at Our Shiputzim – check out what people are finding at her blog!(previous fun and navel-gazing search-engine roundups: Roundup #1, (mini) Roundup #2, Roundup #3, Roundup #4Read more

Election time! Vote for me?

I don't ask for much, so if you get a chance, click on the logo below to help me out in this cheesy online popularity contest (aka homeschool blogs ranking)...

You won’t have to join anything … Read more

For your (Sefirah / Three Weeks) Listening Pleasure!

Washing dishes, scrubbing, putting p0ts and pans and haggadahs away… without a soundtrack.  How very, very dreary, compared to the lively sound of inspirational music filling our house in the weeks b… Read more

Pesach Food – last days!

As usual, I will cross stuff out as it’s made – so yes, it’s true, as of now NOTHING has been made.Oh, yay!  By tomorrow night, we will be happily dipping matzah in our soup!!!Sunday 24Monday 25Tuesd… Read more

The Quinoa (for Pesach) Controversy – does Hashem care?

Oy, vey!  The controversy!Yesterday, I read an article – I think in Perspectives, Toronto’s frum paper – about how quinoa, for years acceptable for Pesach (like beets, it’s botanically a member of th… Read more

Shabbos Food

On a completely different note, here’s what we’re eating this Shabbos!  Unlike last year, I think we’ll do an all-meat Shabbos, just to keep things simple.  I can double up on the desserts that way. … Read more

Bamidbar 9:14 – Who is a “Geir”? And do we care?

Previous posts you may or may not be offended by:When Christians celebrate “Biblical Feasts”: My Jewish PerspectiveWhen Christians celebrate “Biblical Feasts”: Take 2When Christians celebrate “Bibli… Read more

DovBear Meme: Post Seder DeBriefing

Inspired by DovBear’s post today, in which he tagged all readers to provide their post-Seder rundown:Time we finished
2 the first night; 2:10 the second.Highlight we'll still be talking about next… Read more

New Pesach Book! When You Give a Frog a Piece of Matza

When a friend tells you they’ve written a kids’ book, of course you’re interested and of COURSE you buy it, maybe thinking that if it’s a loser, you can just let it gather dust on the shelf or pass i… Read more

Pesach Food – First days!!

The First DaysAs with our Shabbos food lists, crossed out items are DONE!!!Monday 18Tuesday 19Wednesday 20LunchDairy – N’sMake on Yom Tov:Soup – squashSlicey potto weightsCrunchy cheeseMBS’s = matzah… Read more

Pesach Poem: Four Holidays in One!

Free printable PDF version here! Also, be sure to check out my Pesach homeschool resources roundup page here!בס״ד Pesach/ פֶּסַחFour holidays in one, four times as super fun. It comes just once a … Read more

Naomi Rivka’s Pesach List

Naomi Rivka got hold of Abba’s Pesach cleaning list (he’d just started writing it) and added a few items of her own… :-)))The one that says “biy fod for Abba” is meant for me.  :-)))(but actually, Te… Read more

Soup’s on!

Welcome to Mama’s Astonishing World of Tinfoil! Previous Worlds of Tinfoil pics & posts:2009 World of Tinfoil2009 Pesach CupboardsHmm… I guess there aren’t any more.  And the cupboards aren’t sto… Read more


I know you-all are sick of my pictures of snow, and probably thinking, unsympathetically, “what does she expect, living in Canada and all???”I realize I live in Canada, and I do expect snow for maybe… Read more

If you don’t have a tune, sing it to Dayeinu!

One of the more tedious bits of the Seder is near the end when we recite a lengthy liturgical poem, either (first night) vayehi b’chatzi halayla (“It happened at midnight!”) or (second) v’amartem zev… Read more

Procrastinate much? Procrastinate, much! Pesach caption contest!

I was over at the Dover Publishing website and noticed they had a featured eCard.  “How lovely,” I thought.  “I will see what it is, and maybe send it to my Most Loved Ones in honour of the upcoming … Read more

Parsha Poem: Acharei Mos / Acharei Mot / אַחֲרֵי מוֹת

יִּקְרָא / VAYIKRA / LEVITICUS 16:1-18:30:  READ ITHEAR IT.Printable PDF version here.  This week’s theme, “The Jew of Pooh”!Parsha narrative overviews are usually here, but I skipped this week – … Read more

Going to Shul? A guide for goyim!

I wrote this in response to a question from somebody wanting to visit a synagogue for a Passover service, but thought it would make a great post topic, while I’ve got the non-Jews swarming around hat… Read more

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