Yom HaShoah – kids’ party?


So the littles were invited to a baby’s first birthday party, which is being held on Sunday – which happens to be Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day).

I don’t really do a big thing about it, but I do REMEMBER on that day, and I think I do feel it, even though I don’t have anybody in my immediate family who was in the Shoah.

And frankly, the fact is that I don’t think Sefirah (the mourning period following Pesach) is a particularly good time for a kids’ party anyway…

So should I bring the kids?  There is a good chance they won’t even know it is Yom HaShoah, but it is STILL sefirah, and it just feels weird to ME.  Shouldn’t that count for something?  I got another email nudging me to RSVP and I really, REALLY don’t know what to do.

p.s.  Did I mention the party is being held in our shul?  Does that make a difference?


  1. When I asked our Rabbi if we could still throw and attend kids birthday parties - me being in the year of mourning - he said yes. He said we could all listen to children's music too. He said that children don't need to miss these things on my account, and that my being there isn't problematic. I don't know how this applies to Sefirah... but for the kid who's birthday falls during that time every year and can never have a birthday party at that time, that would be fustrating. Kind of like the kids who have their birthdays during summer months, and so never get to have their birthday announced at school. And, on that note, I hope you'll come to Temima's birthday party, sometime around her birthday (May 23). I'm not sure if the Sefirah will be over by then.

  2. I find that when I am "stuck" on an answer...the Lord always gives my husband the right one. Even if I am still not sure about his answer...as long as I follow, God always blesses.

  3. @Shira: Lag b'Omer = May 22, 2011... so you're in the clear! But I think it was the double whammy of Sefirah and Yom HaShoah. If I tried to book a party that day, my calendar would warn me and I would know it was a day of mournful Jewish significance.
    I have definitely pushed kids' parties forward or backwards, depending. I think this is part of raising kids to realize their birthday isn't (and THEY aren't) the centre of the universe. :-)))

  4. yom hashoah (in israel) is on monday . as far as i remember, it never falls on a sunday, because that would mean the ceremonies of erev yom hashoah would be on motzash (sat. evening) and the organization of them would cause chilul shabat.

  5. p.s. For whoever - did I mention the party is being held in our shul? Does that make a difference?? I think it does!

  6. I think it does make a difference that it will be in the shul. Personally, I would go to an at home kids party, but probably not at the shul - I imagine there would be others in the community congregating there to mark yom ha'shoah.

  7. @Anyonymous - You would think so, but I doubt the shul is doing anything for Yom HaShoah. It is on the calendar, but not widely observed in the religious community.
    Still - I have decided not to go.

  8. Shavua tov!

    Actually, according to Israel's Chief Rabbinate, Yom HaShoah is postponed to Monday (28 Nissan) this year - just as Yom HaZikaron is postponed to Monday (5 Iyar), and Yom HaAtzma'ut is pushed to Tuesday (6 Iyar).

  9. @Shira - By the way, I didn't ask our rav about kids' parties and used it as a one-year "get out of kids' birthday parties free card" - yay! I even got to miss the Purim carnival at shul. I may regret someday

    @MrsS - omg, I am so DUMB because I knew that about Yom HaZikaron etc. I even told ds16 about that a few weeks ago. Really, I did. Reflecting on how amazing that even to a secular Israel, Shabbat is still important enough to not rush it out for Yom HaZikaron observances.


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