DSC09831I know you-all are sick of my pictures of snow, and probably thinking, unsympathetically, “what does she expect, living in Canada and all???”

I realize I live in Canada, and I do expect snow for maybe a few months out of the year, but this is simply nutso.DSC09834


It stopped for a few minutes… and then came back with a vengeance:

DSC09839 DSC09843



  1. I know some places out in the Northern and Western US that is still getting snow as well. I live in the south so I can't complain. :)

  2. Even being in Canada, I would've thought you'd be done with snow by now! Wow!

  3. That is just crazy!! The midwest has been getting snow here in the states, too. Fortunately, here in Portland, Oregon we don't get much snow. We had our few inches for the year and now we're done. The rain however...

  4. Wow! Not to make you feel bad or anything, but we had our A/C on today and yesterday... :-)

    Mo'adim L'Simchah to you and your family!


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