Shabbos Food

On a completely different note, here’s what we’re eating this Shabbos!  Unlike last year, I think we’ll do an all-meat Shabbos, just to keep things simple.  I can double up on the desserts that way.  The dinner food is all on the “sweet” side at the moment, so I’ll have to work a bit to “savoury it up” before the time comes to start cooking.

As usual, items are crossed off as they’re DONE!

Shabbos Chol HaMoed


Friday April 22nd

Shabbos April 23



Meat – G family

  • Jar g fish
  • Meaty oven cholent
  • Cucumber pareve salad
  • Pesach Pepper “Lokshin” kugels 
  • Mush crepes – by Meeeee FILLING BY ELISHEVA due to thumb injury!!!
  • Desserts


Aunt D, BC

  • Chicken Soup w/Mommy lokshin
  • Ted’s KBD* cranberry chicken
  • Leftover beets from seder
  • Pesach Pepper “Lokshin” kugels
  • Carrots from KBD*
  • Desserts


  • Choco chip banna cake  from
  • Leftover seders choco mousse
  • Nut butter cookies?
  • and/or Almond cookies?  NOPE

* KBD = Kosher by Design Passover – I bought it for Ted with our new Costco membership!


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