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Pesach Poem: Four Holidays in One!

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Pesach /  פֶּסַח


Four holidays in one, four times as super fun.

It comes just once a year, for eight days, then it’s done.

In English, we know it as Passover, too,

But it has four more names that you wish you knew!


imageThe first is Chag HaAviv, because of when it comes;

Every year in springtime, the earth (but not the crumbs),

Comes to life with green anew and so we call it that

The festival of springtime, so shed your winter hat!


imageThe shortest name is Pesach, it reminds us of a lamb –

The korban that we offered, a male goat or a ram;

We sing of it in Chad Gadya, but don’t bring it anymore –

Reminded by the shankbone, but no blood upon our door.


imageBut wait, there’s more; our freedom tale chimes;

Z’man Cheruteinu – set free from harsher times,

Slaves we were and would be still, except Hashem stepped in,

Rescued us so long ago, and helped us to begin.


imageThe final name is crunchy, it’s thin and crisp and flat –

We call it Chag HaMatzos, for our breads cannot be fat.

Matzah which we eat each year for more than just one reason –

It’s poor bread, plus we left so fast, that ancient Pesach season.


So every year it comes again, by every different name;

A holiday which teaches us the tale of how we came –

Out of slavery so sad and grew to be a nation;

Whatever name you call it by… enjoy your celebration!


חַג שָׂמֵחַ!