DovBear Meme: Post Seder DeBriefing

Inspired by DovBear’s post today, in which he tagged all readers to provide their post-Seder rundown:

Time we finished
2 the first night; 2:10 the second.

Highlight we'll still be talking about next year
Gavriel Zev’s doggie spot singing Mah Nishtana in his squeaky nasal voice:  “it’s not squeaky – it’s just his regular voice!”

Perhaps – my own WILD sign language interpretations of “Echad Mi Yodeia”.

Arguments I had
None!  :-(

I sure do wish we had the kind of Yom Tov table where fascinating intellectual debates abounded, but our arguments are always more like somebody’s elbow in somebody’s soup.

Books I read
Rabbi Sacks’s Haggadah
Kosher by Design for Passover

Various folders of old divrei Torah from the big kids’ elementary school days…

(What?  Not scholarly enough for you???)

Stuff we ate for shulchan orech
Night one: pickled brisket
Night two: swiss steak

Time we finished davening
n/a – “they have shul the first days of Pesach???”

Number of milchig meals
Two – both lunches!!!  When else could you possibly eat cheesecake?

Thing I am most thankful for
My family – and the idea that we are finally hitting our stride, in terms of seder-making, even without my father.  He was never the best “seder-leader,” but we still miss him and I still can’t imagine how we will do it without him… but every year now, it seems to happen – better and better every year.

Now, to pass on what DovBear said in his post, “If you like, let's call this a blog meme. In which case all of you are tagged.” 

How did your seder(s) go???  (leave a comment or link here if you want to tell the world!)


  1. Love the idea of a Debriefing like
    Shabbat Shalom and Moadim L'simcha


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