Parsha Poem: Acharei Mos / Acharei Mot / אַחֲרֵי מוֹת

יִּקְרָא / VAYIKRA / LEVITICUS 16:1-18:30:  READ ITHEAR IT.

Printable PDF version here.  This week’s theme, “The Jew of Pooh”!

Parsha narrative overviews are usually here, but I skipped this week – sorry!
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image Where there’s bees, there’s honey – so fine!

“Mmmm,” thought Pooh Bear, “I must make it mine.”

Up and up he sailed through the sky;

“Uh-oh,” he thought, as leaves rushed by.

“They’re awfully close – that’s not a good sign!”


“I just wanted honey,” thought Pooh, thought he.

So hard to reach – as he swayed past the tree.

“Oh, dear,” he thought, as bees came near;

imageBuzzing right around his ear.

“Oh, ouch!  It seemed like a fine plan to me!”


  Now Christopher Robin, a friend indeed.

Came by and asked, “Why, what do you need?”

“Silly old Pooh,” Christopher sighed.

At his good friend with stuffing inside.

And he got Pooh down; at last he was freed.


“I just wanted honey,” said Pooh, all sad.

“I didn’t mean to make the bees mad.”

“Well, why not just say so?” said Christopher R.

“You certainly needn’t have gone quite so far.”

“You just have to ask – you’d prefer if you had.”


image “Oh,” said Pooh, with a simple soft shrug.

“Perhaps I will,” and he turned with a tug;

“Do you have any?” he asked his good friend,

So his story here comes to a fine end.

Curled up home with honey:  safe, warm and snug.


image There’s a right way and wrong, Hashem says this week;

For Aharon’s sons taught the lesson we seek.

There’s a time and a place for every good thing;

Korbanos are great when Hashem says to bring,

If not, a punishment too scary to speak.


Tzaddikim both, but his sons kind of blew it.

Hashem taught them how, and surely they knew it;

Unlike Pooh, they both had brains inside,

Not stuffing, perhaps, but maybe false pride;

Thought they were great – “so hurry, let’s do it!”


image Hashem is a good friend on whom we rely;

So we want and we ask and we heed His reply.

All Pooh had to do was to ask a friend;

And honey was his very sweet end.

But true sweetness is knowing Hashem is nearby.

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!


  1. You mean your house doesn't rid itself of chametz on it's own for Pesach??


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