Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

If Mrs. S. can do it… (search engine roundup!)

Inspired by Mrs. S. over at Our Shiputzim – check out what people are finding at her blog!

(previous fun and navel-gazing search-engine roundups: Roundup #1, (mini) Roundup #2, Roundup #3, Roundup #4 and Roundup #5 – or just click on the “roundup” tag below to see them all!)

Most of the searches have been Pesach-related, naturally, but there were a few stray “others” that have made their way here.

A few searches for the unscientific last little while:

  1. chalakah – a lot of you want to know about chalakah, perhaps in early preparation for Lag b’Omer.  If that’s the case, mazel tov!  I use the Yiddish word “upsherin” and you can  find some information, but not much, here.
  2. shekel poems – not exactly, but I did do a cool half-shekel math worksheet if you want to get all Biblical during math time!
  3. dinosaur math – Embarrassingly, I think this is my #1 non-Pesach related search at the moment.  I do have one worksheet pack.  I wish there were more… it seems there are LOTS of homeschoolers out there searching for the perfect dino math.
  4. חיים יקרים – a Hebrew search!  We saw the movie and I told you what I thought.  Apparently, I’m the only one out there, because I’ve gotten lots of these.  I’d love to hear what Israelis think of this movie.
  5. coleus sprout – don’t make me SAD.  I have only a few pathetic suffering coleus on the go at the moment.  I have no idea  how I’m going to stock my garden beds this spring.  Here’s what I did last year.
  6. jump math – yay, a good one!  Lots of people, it seems, are looking for information about JUMP math and I am happy to tell you whatever I think as we make our through our first year with this great local, non-profit curriculum (in case you’re sick of throwing all your schooling dollars at big textbook publishers).  Here’s one post, or just click the “JUMP Math” tag below.  If you register at the JUMP Math site (which is a bit hard to navigate), you can download all of the resources except the actual workbooks for free, so you can get to know the program!  I like the plaintive, sad tone of this search:  jump math what does jump stand for.  It stands for Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies.  Dumb name, I know!
  7. making farfel – I’ve done it once and it was SOOoooo easy!  Check out my step-by-step how-to over here.
  8. But my favourite, favourite searches are the ones that are looking for…. ME.  Or people LIKE me.  Like what?
    1. toronto homeschool mama
    2. rony pony
    3. mamaland blogspot

And a few out-there kind of searches:

  1. mother day poems prayers – well, I don’t really celebrate Mother’s Day… but this person did find Nanny’s mother’s prayer.  Enjoy it!
  2. "arty popup book" – in quotes, no less.  I guess Gavriel Zev received one for his birthday at one point.
  3. controversy!  What is it with controversy, that people are so insistent on searching for it?  Here are a few of the controversies people have sought at my blog:  controversy with Jump math, cuisenaire rods controversy, ashkenazi quinoa controversy… well, not that many, I guess, when you line them up like that.

Finally – where are you-all coming from???  Over the last month…

  • Many, many visitors stopping by from Menu Plan Mondays over at OrgJunkie!
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  • Referrals from Lionden Landing – thanks, Michelle!  Nice to have online friends who are more popular than me…
  • Lots of folks stopping by from The Well-Trained Mind, a Classical homeschooling forum where I stirred things up a bit recently with a Pesach resources thread.
  • And finally, I had a mention in the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival, which got a lot of visits.  Welcome!  Hope you find lots here to mull over…