Procrastinate much? Procrastinate, much! Pesach caption contest!

I was over at the Dover Publishing website and noticed they had a featured eCard.  “How lovely,” I thought.  “I will see what it is, and maybe send it to my Most Loved Ones in honour of the upcoming Passover feast.”

So I clicked… and here is the image featured on their eCard of the week:


“How perfect!” I mused.  “How utterly pleasing for the Pesach season.  But… I wonder – it just needs the PERFECT caption.”

I realize a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, a few actual words can make the difference between a good Pesach card and a fantabulous one.  So I charge you, my loyal readers (YES, relatives are eligible!) to come up with the perfect seasonal caption to go with this image.

You don’t have to be Jewish to enter – come one, come all!

Is there a prize? 

Glad you asked!  I will include the winner’s name (or your child’s name, if you prefer) in next week’s Parsha Poem.  If there are no entries before next week, OR no Parsha Poem next week (quite likely), then I will include the winner’s name in the following poem.  If nobody enters at all ever, I will have to rely on my “standard names” of Clarence and Shmuli, so I beseech everyone to enter.

Leave your entry with your first name or child’s first name AND your suggested caption as a comment below or email it to me at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com.


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