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Funny Matzah Factory Tour Video

Great for sharing with kids – big or little – before or during Pesach!!! Read more

Everything’s goin’ my way…

Alright!  It’s like an early afikomen present! Read more

Do it to Julia

Just realized that every plant in the house is going to need a heck of a good watering before Yom Tov… or they will die, or at least, seriously wilt.  Seedlings don’t have a lot of wiggle room in ter… Read more

Pesach Lapbook in Progress: Hands-on!

Further to my post last week about our first lapbook, here it is, with Naomi steadily working away.It has been a fun project with lots of fascinating bits and pieces and I think she’s very impressed … Read more

Pesach Desserts

So my Pesach meal plans often refer to “desserts”.  Here are a few that have become staples over the years.  If I get un-lazy or un-busy in the next few days, maybe I’ll even post links… most are eas… Read more

Pesach Food 2010

This is me.  All calm & organized in my gleaming Pesach kitchen.Bwa ha ha ha ha.But I do have some sense of what we’re serving, mostly because it is an exact cut-n-paste copy from last year’s mea… Read more

Gloom and Doom: I am going to KILL somebody

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Gam zu l’tovah and all that.But.  BUT.Big grocery shop last Sunday.  Much, much grocery bought.  Like $500 worth.  Yay, me!Some meat.  Mostly shelf stuff.  Some dairy.All in bags, … Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 13 Nisan, 5770

Pesach pantry stocked:  gluten-free heaven! Read more

Shabbos HaGadol La-Z Shabbis Fude (aka Food)

Mostly store-bought.  Ha ha ha ha!  Made a run up to Sobey’s and bought almost everything.  Yay for one-stop shopping!  Checked out the Family Resource Centre in the Promenade while we were up there.… Read more

Animal, vegetable, hmm?

Gavriel Zev was enjoying his noisy little farmyard toy after supper last night.  It’s one of those things where you push the button and the door pops up and it makes an awful electronic baaing noise.… Read more

Pesach Thoughts

Call it Child-Induced ADD:  I rarely listen to an online shiur or Torah audio clip longer than about 15 minutes these days.  (The exception being Rabbi Phil Chernofsky of OU Israel Centre.  I try to … Read more

Well, well, well

Stand up from an hour and a half of sitting & writing (Really!  I really was writing!  No farmville whatsoever!), go downstairs, and POW!  A world of pain!I seem to have {whatevered} my {whatever… Read more

Menu Plan Monday: 7 Nissan, 5770

Gack!  Pesach is coming, the kitchen is in turmoil… and everybody has to eat.This is officially the Whiniest Week of the Year, the week all four children wander around in despair, plaintively moaning… Read more

Lipa, Lipa, Lipa: the exodus from dull haggadahs

This guy is absolutely brilliant!With hardcover binding, traditional Hebrew text (no English, but a bissl Yiddish, including the full feer kashes), sturdy, laminated pages, and funny, FUNNY illustrat… Read more

On the bookshelf…

You can tell I’m procrastinating, right?  There’s a load of dishes to be washed, a house to be cleaned, and here I sit, contentedly blogging.From the Shabbos bookshelf (still enjoying):First, Jodi Pi… Read more

Six Word Saturday: 6 Nisan, 5770

Quick, blow $500; Pesach essentials only!!! Read more

How the other half lives

I’ve been loving my private one-on-one time with this big boy all week during the mornings, when Naomi Rivka was at her gymnastics camp.  I can see how one would get hooked on sending a child her age… Read more

Today’s Smoothie… and Shabbos food

Straight Coffee Smoothie:1 cup fresh hot French-press Second Cup Royal Blend coffee (what a snob!) 1/2 cup evaporated milk (no-name… see; I’m not a snob) 3 tsp sugar 6 ice cubes fabbo blender (two ye… Read more

Another first: buy Ontario, save the world… maybe!

First local peppers – red, orange, yellow.  First local cucumber.  I felt happy seeing them at the grocery store.But I know there’s a downside to local… as Ted pointed out a while ago, being able to … Read more

First BBQ of the year!

Hot dogs.  Boiled first, of course.  I’ve become SO picky about this step, but really, everything you can do to make a sad skinny chicken dog look and taste juicier is a step in the right direction.… Read more

Yer daily dose of crazy!

Sara must have been somewhere that Eli couldn’t reach her, because he just called here… and YM wasn’t here to take the call, so I got to listen in on the whirring crazed cogs of his mind…“Did you kno… Read more

Sign Class Peeve

The person – one person, sitting across from me.  Who is a nice person, a very nice person.  A smiling, friendly person, more so than me.  I think she wants to learn ASL so she can go teach deaf peop… Read more

Days like today

In years like this year, on days like today, I walk around awed (odd?) by the synchronicity:  such an early spring – and look how “early” Pesach is coming around!  And I marvel at the eternal wonder … Read more

Ask me

Ask me where YM is.  No, really, ask me.He’s out bike riding with a friend from school.After five years of having ZERO significant friendships with friends from school.  He has a couple of friends at… Read more

Menu Plan Monday: 29 Adar, 5760 (kosher, yummo, and super-easy)

Our coming week of suppers!  Posting it before I get to bed because I don’t know if I’ll have a chance tomorrow.  This is a busy, busy week because I signed Naomi Rivka up for gymnastics camp every d… Read more

Our first lapbook… in progress

P.S. Update here - pics of lapbook in Progress: great success!
Naomi doesn’t know it yet (she’s sleeping), but beyond our Mah Nishtana book (which has now been downloaded, by my estimate, by over 20… Read more

We have ($24/lb) matzah – and עברית!

Maybe two months ago, I swiped this Hebrew keyboard layout from the Internet and pasted it into a word document.  When I had to reinstall Windows to get the computer working (after it suddenly died, … Read more

Six Word Saturday: 28 Adar, 5760

First aliyah meeting:  really?  Israel??  US?!?!? Read more

Much too late for seeds, I know, I know

…But I’m a sucker, and I saw a mixed-seed packet at Plant World this morning and decided, why the heck not?  With bottom heat, I hope these will sprout quickly and grow fast.  I can always hope, righ… Read more

Homeschool Matzah Bakery

A mama, 270g of flour,  about 100g of water, and two matzah-baking kids!  Oh, and it was all made possible by two fun pieces of technology:  my food processor and pasta roller.Here we go… flour and w… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady (doesn’t) visit the BJCC (anymore)!

Just noticed this letter to the editor of the Canadian Jewish News was published a few weeks ago.  They wouldn’t accept it in my own name, so I added a clever pseudonym I made up all by myself (scrol… Read more

The $5 In(Sink)erator / Garbage Disposal

This summer’s experiment in compost promises to be a thrilling one:  GRINDING the compost up before dumping it out back!I did try this once last summer in the big food processor, with some success (b… Read more

A Small Pesach Mah Nishtana / Four Questions Book for Kids

Here’s what I’ve been working on today for my kids! (Okay, I’m procrastinating because I have a “real” writing deadline tomorrow!)If you’re interested in receiving a PDF copy of this instead of the… Read more

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