Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Gloom and Doom: I am going to KILL somebody

pantry 034

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Gam zu l’tovah and all that.

But.  BUT.

Big grocery shop last Sunday.  Much, much grocery bought.  Like $500 worth.  Yay, me!

Some meat.  Mostly shelf stuff.  Some dairy.

All in bags, in my mother’s car.  When we pulled up, Ted ran out to help unload.  Elisheva ran out to help unload.  Wonderful family!  Yay, helpers!

We all, together, jointly, carried bags to the appropriate destination:  fridge for fridge stuff, freezer for freezer stuff, big square (clean) playpen downstairs for shelf stuff.  Done, fast, yay!

So today, loading up the pantry cupboard, I went to grab everything from the playpen.

And there, at the bottom of the playpen… CHEESE.  Let’s see:  cheese stack, $16; cream cheese, $5; two rounds of triangle gruyere, $16.   Grr.

But you know what?  I brushed it off.  I said gam zu l’tovah, dammit.  I sang it.  If a problem can be solved with $50 worth of cheese – not a problem.

Until Ted went looking for the margarine… and found it ALSO at the bottom of the playpen.  Along with about 20 little individual serving yogurt cups.  All delicious.  All meticulously hand-selected, all greater than 4% milk fat because all the Pesach ones seem to be the terrible fat free ones that are slightly gritty and highly virtuous.

AAAAAGH!  Not so much the money.  Again, 2 margarines, maybe $6.  Maybe not twenty – says Ted, but about fifteen yogurts, maybe $1.50 each.  But they were hand-selected.  I chose them, chose the flavours.  Do you have any idea how hard that is for me?  Standing in the store fridge section deciding who’s going to eat what yogurt on what day?

Anyway.  I believe it was not me.  Ted believes it was not him.  The two bags in question were clearly among the first ones dumped in the playpen… and Elisheva ran out first to help carry stuff.  But then, my mother was also making trips up and down the stairs.

For which I am, truthfully, very grateful.  That I have a daughter who helps.  That I have a mother who helps.

Gam zu l’tovah, right?