Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Yer daily dose of crazy!

Sara must have been somewhere that Eli couldn’t reach her, because he just called here… and YM wasn’t here to take the call, so I got to listen in on the whirring crazed cogs of his mind…

“Did you know that I'm ... umm... a world expert on books about highly individualistic


What's the author of the books, the one with the ... he had a *sinister* name - um, it's a

name, oh.

The question of new criticism
What was that american writer - I'm familiar with the foremost Polish writer on semiotics

but I've forgotten the name of the foremost american writer on semiotics

- Umberto eco?

No, what he wanted was to write a self-contained version  of the celestine prophecy
ppl who took their cameras to the bacchanalia and then went home again

Whether nick cave was impossible founder of a cult and he said that it was all informal so

he wasn't
I'm talking from within the plot of a book that daddy and I shared
so it's a different case from the reality you share with your partner
so maybe you'll excuse my partner for being a terrible person since she's also got um like

basically interesting thing that she keeps from me
She's a funny bird

- I don't know her that well

she's like that girl from the chrysalids who shut herslf off from the world and when I say

that I'm another one one of the ones... she says I'm not.

I think that Sara's gone for some short-term happiness recently, so... she's a great gal

she's got funny notions
you can't tell somebody what a complex is
I've got a complex about macaroni because they're tubes
they shouldn't be tubes because the stuff in them is funny

- what are you doing for the rest of the evening?  Are you getting ready to sleep? 

do you remember the song sing a song of sixpence... what's the next line

- four and twenty blackbirds?  Baked in a pie?

[sings the next couple of lines]

Those songs were sonnets - you know what a hint towards writing good prose might be
Try for an exercise composing a couple of sonnets they're a form that's very easy to


so maybe you cd get together w/Elisheva and have her write a couple of sonnets
they're very abstract
but they're accessible as far as the process of getting them
it's fun

but also you get a notion that you've got an improved writing style
the big quesiton of modern existentialism is whether form is a crutch or not
I'll tell you right now that it isn't
the reason you have a religion is bc it isn't a crutch to get to sthing that vague -

form is to be observed to get a skill level
so it's not for... when you ask whether a form is related to a standard
the answer is it's easier to reach the standard if you observe the form
it's a worthwhile easiness
so I mean

doing things just for the sake of them is like a luxury that I just got overcome by
but I don't care
it's strange that I can have falsities in me that are just things you can live with
they're very bad but actually when I think that my father wasn't as much into blessing world as the other coreligionaries, I think that you may be kind of overdoing that factoid a little bit

it's an interesting bug that lives under your toenail

- not literally?

well, almost.
they're fun people, but I like cheetahs
chester cheetah is a funny cat

Anyway, I'm going to go...

have a good evening, did you eat any hot dogs?

- no

Neither did I, I'm a vegetarian.  Good night!”