Cranky Complaints-Lady (doesn’t) visit the BJCC (anymore)!

Just noticed this letter to the editor of the Canadian Jewish News was published a few weeks ago.  They wouldn’t accept it in my own name, so I added a clever pseudonym I made up all by myself (scroll down here to see it).  They’ve edited my letter slightly, I assume to remove my endearingly snarky tone.

BJCC closure

The article about the closure of the Bathurst Jewish Community Centre reveals only the tip of the iceberg. Despite the brand new daycare, our children’s needs have been overlooked, and the new building is both difficult to access physically and lacking affordable family programs (“With BJCC closed, members have new fitness routines,” health supplement, Feb. 4). Without the large, sunny lobby, children’s museum, art gallery, cafeteria and drop-in Shabbat and holiday programs  – including the free programs held every year on Dec. 25 – there is little to attract families with young kids.


  1. Brilliant pseudonym. However did you come up with it?

  2. Haha... That is a fantastic and potentially libelous pseudonym.

  3. Just to be perfectly clear, the email was sent BY the named individual. It wasn't the biggest issue in the world, but I was kind of annoyed that - as a writer for the paper - I ironically could not write TO the paper. So I forwarded my email to her, suggesting that if she felt the same, she might want to send a "similar" email.


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