Shabbos HaGadol La-Z Shabbis Fude (aka Food)

Mostly store-bought.  Ha ha ha ha!  Made a run up to Sobey’s and bought almost everything.  Yay for one-stop shopping! 

Checked out the Family Resource Centre in the Promenade while we were up there.  They have a Friday-morning Shabbat Party that I have been wanting to try.  Mostly babies, and way too short:  15 minutes, start to finish.  The good news is that that leaves about 20 minutes afterwards to play before the centre closes.  The kids had a great time. 

The play stuff is the basics:  train table, crafts, etc.  They do have a very cool magnet centre.  I promised the kids that sometime after Pesach, we will drive Ted to work, go shopping, and then drop in on the play centre again.

So here’s our mostly but not quite kosher-for-Pesach Shabbos food!

Shabbos Dinner:

  • Store-bought challah
  • Homemade soup (Ted made it Wednesday night; we’ll cut up veg today)
  • Kreplach from the freezer by Mommy
  • Chicken in teriyaki sauce (store-bought sauce)
  • Matzah farfel aka Pesach Stuffing Mix (comes in a box)
  • Potato kugel (store-bought, kosher l’Pesach)
  • Corn (kosher l’Pesach for Sephardim, but not for me… waah!)
  • Store-bought fudge bar cake

Shabbos Lunch:

  • Store-bought challah
  • Homemade cholent w/extra kreplach by Mommy
  • Store-bought latkes
  • Slicey meats
  • Store-bought moroccan carrot salad
  • Store-bought potato salad
  • Fudge bar cake (from last night)


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