Menu Plan Monday: 7 Nissan, 5770

Gack!  Pesach is coming, the kitchen is in turmoil… and everybody has to eat.

This is officially the Whiniest Week of the Year, the week all four children wander around in despair, plaintively moaning:  “what can I eat???”

It must also be the most expensive week of the year, as we inevitably turn to take-out and other conveniences.  Baruch Hashem that we have them… but still.  Costly.

Here’s what will pass for a menu, for the time being:

Sunday (yesterday):  Easy deli-on-rye sandwiches at Mommy’s house w/Sara

Monday:  Pasta, no-knead bread if I make it RIGHT NOW instead of typing this!!!

Tuesday (Ted’s late day):  Salmon burgers, mashpo, yum

Wednesday:  Chicken baked on top of rice (easy, easy, easy).  At night, cook for Shabbos.

Thursday (last day of chometz):  Maybe, maybe, maybe… takeout?  Sure, a hundred thousand other families are going to have the same idea.  Better phone it in early.  At night, cook for Shabbos.

Friday (Ted’s off day):  KITCHEN TURMOIL TIMES A BAZILLION as we turn everything over:  remove all the regular dishes, bring up the Pesach dishes… gaah.

Shabbos:  Easy, easy, easy.  Some type of moist-cooked chicken in tinfoil that can go in the fridge.  Some type of kugel that can be baked and stored.  Corn.  Store-bought (eek!) challahs & desserts.  Sara coming.

Shabbos lunch:  Again, easy.  Will update later.

Remember:  you can always visit THIS comprehensive list of all the suppers so far to see what kinds of yummos we have had in the past.


  1. food? I think I have too much in the house.

    When the kids were little and home this was a tough week. I saw the neighbors kids with bowls of something. I can't imagine having to cook so much. There are a lot of kids there.


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