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Rosh Hashanah Meals

Rosh Hashanah Meal PlanMealMondayTuesdayWednesdayDayParentsRound Challah (fresh?)SalmonLeftover SoopBlintz Loaf thingCrunch-E-CheezNightSimanim:~ Pomegranate~ Dates~ Apples~ Fish head~ Carrot~ Beets~… Read more

Birthdays a'comin' up...

So, like I always tell the kids... "you could celebrate your English birthday - if you were English." Elisheva's is a little weird because she was born "between the days" (afte… Read more

SO relieved!

Called the dentist and there was no answer, but I just checked back here and my first appointment isn't until October 28th... yay! I have now written them on the new calendar - hooray! Read more

Oven still broken

But things are somehow looking a little less bleak on this warm, sunny afternoon. Here are some pictures of our happy family from this past summer!

Meanwhile, yes, the oven is still broken, and there… Read more

Oven's broken! And a ballerina comes to call!

Oy, the oven is broken after working fine last night and I was going crazy trying to figure out what was for supper and I finally decided oven fried rice - ah, the irony.  Everything works except … Read more

Replacement wheels for Perego Carriage

Found at the curb! But one of the wheels is totally not useable... waaah!Letter w/attachments to Peg Perego Canada:I'm attaching pictures of a lovely old-style pram/carriage that has been
passed … Read more

My garden mood

This is my Garden Mood right now, by the way... everything's dying, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

That's why I'm loving this Jamaica Kincaid book. She hates winter, too. … Read more

I should read this thing more often!

Turns out I already mentioned the Ottawa trip the other day. So disregard where I explain the whole thing all over again. You're nice that way; I'm sure you'll understand. Read more


I am only slightly miffed that my mother is terrified of catching my cold so she didn't offer to help out with the baby or anything today.

I don't know if "miffed" is the right word.… Read more

P.S. I was too sick

to enjoy my Shabbos alone - gack.  My regular allergic stuffiness and sniffling has been replaced by the extreme sneezing and snottiness of a cold - what a delightful change of pace.  So I was all … Read more

Posted at the Library website

"Loving my current book - My Garden (Book) by Jamaica Kincaid! It's a
fascinating and nuanced reflection by this well-known author on her garden and
many related subjects.

HOWEVER... despite b… Read more

It's been... one year

Well, it will be one year, anyway.
That's what the oncologist said, though my mother said she introduced herself as a medical (as opposed to surgical) cancer specialist.

My father's always told… Read more

When wasps attack

At the Children's Garden tonight, it was getting dark too quickly to have storytime and I was cutting up the watermelon for Claire, quite distracted by the thousands of annoying mosquitos swarm… Read more

Let us return

To the Shepherd's Pie for a moment. I just want to mention that this was absolutely knock-your-socks-off Shepherd's Pie... fabulous! I know it doesn't look appetizing at all in the pict… Read more

Week in Suppers!

Sunday: BBQ at parents' place

Monday: Shepherd's Pie, garden beans

The tomato seen here is from the garden but I don't remember what it is... Gaaah! Maybe Purple Cherokee??? No… Read more

And the green grass grew...

...All around, all around...
And the green grass grew all around!

7 days to germination! Not bad, compared to up to a month for some lawn grasses...

What look like snowy patches around the grass is act… Read more

Farmers' Market Supper - Wednesday

I know it's a few days late, but I just realized I had these pictures in my camera...


Farmer's market supper: orange "cheddar" cauliflower, corn, potato-leek soup, Ace bre… Read more

Baskin Robbins Coupon Debacle Incident

Submitted at the Baskin Robbins Canada website: "My husband & I filled out the online survey at and received two $1 off coupons.  Today, we took two of our c… Read more

tHE other thing -

Hey - I just noticed yesterday:  Eli has teeth.  My goodness, it makes a difference to one's appearance to have upper front teeth.  They're implants.  I'm so happy my parents could aff… Read more


With my lousy battered-by-babies brain and memory, the only thing I remember about September 11, 2001, is arriving at my desk and then the phone started ringing... it was Jeremy (up early in Calgar… Read more

Find the spider

This is a wonderful spider who turned up in our front garden. I only noticed it after I watered and saw that the water droplets had beaded up all over her web... beautiful. Read more

Or maybe

I can punish Ted more effectively by making a faaaaabulous supper with delicious fresh veggies from the marmers' farket.

Not sure exactly how that would punish him, though. Unless I told him he c… Read more

Cheerful baby, miserable me

Oh, no... SO tired. Woke up stuffy & miserable at 3:30 for the 120th time in a row and then it took over an hour on the sofa to fall back asleep. THIS HOUSE IS KILLING ME... just not fast eno… Read more

Toddler Word o' the Day: "Vominating"

As in, "Is he vominating, mama?"
You can always count on a week of everybody being sick (last week, and not me, thank goodness!) to expand her vocabulary in new and interesting ways!

(it came… Read more


p.s. my father has a tumour. Read more

Naomi, on finding a bunch of change in the laundry

Me: Let's take it upstairs and put it in the pushke - if we find money in the laundry, it's not ours, we put it in the pushke.

Naomi: If there's an old man in your house, you can give it… Read more

My latest Papier Mache project!

Okay! Maybe the FOURTH time's the charm. If this post works, I'll fix up the formatting later. Not like anybody reads these things anyway... sigh.

And by the way, I $#!% hate Picasa because th… Read more

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